Democrats at war: Bail­ing on Obama

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One story the main­stream me­dia just loves: Repub­li­cans at war. The party’s splin­tered to shreds, torn be­yond re­pair, cut in two, bro­ken asun­der. They write it week af­ter week. The House speaker loses a vote, boom, the Repub­li­can Party is rup­tured. But guess what story they never write? This one. The Demo­cratic Party is ripped to tat­ters. The fake lovefest that broke out af­ter Hil­lary Rod­ham Clin­ton wan­dered off into the wilder­ness in June 2008 is over. She’s back, and so is her trou­ble­mak­ing hus­band (who last week ad­vised Pres­i­dent Obama to “honor” his com­mit­ment on keep­ing your health insurance — and he knows about honor).

More, no one is afraid of the party’s top cop. Nearly 40 Dems bailed on him to sup­port the “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013” just a day af­ter Bubba made his pro­nounce­ment. They weren’t wor­ried in the least about fall­out or retri­bu­tion. They were busy sav­ing their own skins — which meant break­ing hard from the pres­i­dent.

Now, here’s the thing: Repub­li­cans, con­trary to me­dia re­ports, were never con­fused about Oba­macare. Not one voted for the bill Mr. Obama signed into law in 2010. That means RINOs, lefty-mid­dle right­ies, con­ser­va­tives, tea par­ty­ers, mod­er­ates, even mav­er­icks — the whole big tent — stood as one in op­po­si­tion to a law they knew was in­san­ity. No dis­sen­sion there.

Mean­while, on the other side, Blue Dog Democrats, mod­er­ate lefties, Rea­gan D’s — the mid­dle left — had Oba­macare shoved down their throats. They ate Oba­macare be­cause they had to: The party as a whole was mov­ing left, hard, and they had one choice — go with them, or be left be­hind. So, they voted en masse for Oba­macare.

But ev­ery­thing’s chang­ing now, fast. At stake: In the short term, the makeup of the Se­nate. In the long term, much more: The fu­ture of lib­er­al­ism.

Oba­macare (a term which, not sur­pris­ingly, the White House last week sud­denly stopped us­ing, opt­ing for “Af­ford­able Care Act”), is the pin­na­cle of lib­er­al­ism. The gov­ern­ment will take over one-sixth of the U.S. econ­omy and make all your de­ci­sions for you. And don’t worry: your most per­sonal in­for­ma­tion is safe with us (just ask the Na­tional Se­cu­rity Agency).

The hard-core left loves the ACA, warts and all. But the mod­er­ate wing of the party — yes, there are still some mod­er­ate Democrats left — is now in full dither over the roll­out de­ba­cle. While the ra­bid lefties want to move full-speed ahead with the gov­ern­ment takeover of … well, ev­ery­thing … mod­er­ates see dan­ger at the polls, es­pe­cially in the com­ing sec­ond mid-term elec­tions, when the party of the in­cum­bent pres­i­dent al­most al­ways loses seats in Congress.

What they, the wor­ri­ers, see is sim­ple: The Oba­macare story has legs. By month’s end, the web­site is sup­posed to work; it won’t. By year’s end, mil­lions are sup­posed to be signed up; they won’t be. The end of March 2014 is the dead­line for en­roll­ment; how soon un­til Mr. Obama moves that back?

“Here we are, we’re sup­posed to be sell­ing this to peo­ple, and it’s all screwed up,” one law­maker’s chief of staff told The Hill last week. “This ei­ther gets fixed or this could be the demise of the Demo­cratic Party.”

And that, un­like the IRS scan­dal, the NSA scan­dal — all the many, many scan­dals that have come along and been ig­nored by the main­stream me­dia — is the dan­ger. There is no ig­nor­ing the ele­phant in the room (no, not New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the mess that is Oba­macare). Ev­ery day brings new hor­rors. And Democrats are get­ting mighty anx­ious — even, for the first time, flee­ing from Mr. Obama.

“The only way he can re­ally make it up to us is by fix­ing this s — t,” one Demo­cratic House aide told The Hill.

Funny, a year ago, when a sec­ond mod­er­ate Repub­li­can got de­stroyed by the pro­gres­sive pres­i­dent, the GOP was wor­ried that it had been ban­ished be­yond the wall, des­tined to spend a gen­er­a­tion in the long win­ter. But then, the law Mr. Obama cham­pi­oned be­gan to take ef­fect, with dis­as­trous re­sults. Oddly, the left doesn’t yet know this sim­ple fact: It will only get worse — there is no other out­come.

The faith Amer­ica put into Mr. Obama has been shat­tered — ir­repara­bly. The the­o­ret­i­cal takeover of health care is now real, and it’s far worse than any Demo­crat ever imag­ined. Their faith is bro­ken, too.

And now, there is no deny­ing that the em­peror has no clothes. Only Nancy Pelosi thinks ev­ery­thing is OK. And that should frighten the lib­eral left even more.

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