Obama’s full grovel to Iran

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There’s good news and bad news in Barack Obama’s sucker deal with Iran. The Ira­ni­ans get all the good news, and the West gets all the bad news. The only good news for the good guys is that the deal, like Oba­macare, is Pres­i­dent Obama’s baby. Some­times, the baby daddy has to pay up.

The pres­i­dent and his ad­min­is­tra­tion, hav­ing done the full grovel in Geneva, is now into full de­fen­sive mode. Stung by the cries of dis­be­lief in Wash­ing­ton from a grow­ing num­ber of his par­ti­san al­lies in Congress, the pres­i­dent in­sists that his hand­i­work “halted the progress of the Ira­nian nu­clear pro­gram.”

But it has done no such thing. The deal, or the “in­terim ac­cord” as the Western deal-mak­ers in­sist on call­ing it, does not even meet the re­quire­ments of sev­eral United Na­tions res­o­lu­tions in­sist­ing on sus­pen­sion of all en­rich­ment of ura­nium be­fore it gets relief from the sanc­tions that were driv­ing the mul­lahs in Tehran to cry “un­cle.”

Mr. Obama, the crafty Chicago politi­cian, is count­ing on the maxim that “all pol­i­tics is lo­cal,” that the talk of cen­trifuges, the plu­to­nium re­ac­tor at Arak, and ox­i­da­tion of 5 per­cent against the en­rich­ment of 20 per­cent, will quickly make ev­ery­one’s eyes glaze over and we can get back to the im­por­tant af­fairs of state that ev­ery­one un­der­stands, such as whether to change the name of the Red­skins.

The deal, signed at 3 o’clock in the morn­ing, when diplo­mats are sup­posed to be in bed, was meant to dis­tract at­ten­tion from the spec­tac­u­lar col­lapse of Oba­macare. But the point of “all pol­i­tics is lo­cal,” as any Chicago al­der­man could tell the pres­i­dent, is that if you fix the pot­hole, the suck­ers will pay no at­ten­tion to the mis­chief at hand, but you’ve got to ac­tu­ally fix the pot­hole. This pot­hole — the Af­ford­able Care Act — is un­fix­able, a pot­hole with­out a bot­tom.

Mr. Obama sold him­self as the man who could charm the Mus­lims into the 21st cen­tury be­cause he un­der­stood the Is­lamic mind. Hadn’t he grown up in the Is­lamic world, lis­ten­ing to the call to evening prayer, “the pret­ti­est sound in the world”? He would make nice with the Mus­lims, and they would make nice with the West. But they’re not even mak­ing nice with Barack Obama.

Ay­a­tol­lah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, who de­cides whose deal gets rat­i­fied and who loses his head, couldn’t re­sist play­ing the game by his own rules. He spent the weekend crow­ing, not both­er­ing to hide his agenda. “I thank God that ... the new gov­ern­ment ... was able to le­git­imize the Ira­nian na­tion’s nu­clear pro­gram on the in­ter­na­tional stage and take the ini­tial step in a way that the nu­clear rights and the en­rich­ment rights of the Ira­nian na­tion are ac­knowl­edged by world pow­ers.” The new pres­i­dent, Has­san Rouhani, did a lit­tle taunt­ing him­self. “No mat­ter whether the world wants it or not,” he said, “this path [to the bomb] will, God will­ing, con­tinue to the peak.”

The “peak,” as ev­ery­one with eyes and ears un­der­stands, is the de­vel­op­ment of the nu­clear bomb to de­stroy Is­rael and in­tim­i­date ev­ery­one else in the Mid­dle East. For all their comic blus­ter, meant for the Mus­lim street, the big ay­a­tol­lah and all the lit­tle ay­a­tol­lahs in Tehran have al­ways be­lieved that Amer­ica and the West have no choice but to ac­cept Is­lam as a nu­clear equal.

“Look­ing back at the past decade,” wrote Mo­ham­mad Mo­ham­madi, re­garded as an Ira­nian au­thor­ity on his coun­try’s nu­clear af­fairs, “all the red lines by Amer­ica and the West over Iran’s nu­clear is­sue have now been trans­formed into ac­cep­tance. Amer­ica has al­ways adopted rad­i­cal ac­tions at first that have changed to sym­bolic mea­sures later.” Af­ter that, the ac­cep­tance.

He’s right about that. The gov­ern­ing elites in the West have trou­ble rec­og­niz­ing deep be­lief and con­vic­tion as calls to ac­tion. Hav­ing aban­doned re­li­gious faith them­selves, ex­cept for the con­ve­nient rit­u­als of wed­dings and fu­ner­als, the elites do not un­der­stand those who act on re­li­gious con­vic­tion, how­ever per­verted the con­vic­tions may be. The threats and boasts by the mul­lahs in Tehran, like the brag­gado­cio of the fa­nat­ics in Py­ongyang, can sound like the stuff of “Satur­day Night Live.” But de­spite the prom­ises of the lead­ers of the West that it could never hap­pen, North Korea has the bomb, and Iran is well on its way to rais­ing the dust and mak­ing the noise of the big one. The Is­raelis, so scorned by Mr. Obama and his friends, stand alone as the West’s last hope.


Ay­a­tol­lah Ali Khamenei

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