Global-warm­ing ma­nia’s deadly fall­out

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It is un­for­tu­nate that re­new­able en­ergy and global warm­ing have be­come part of a faith-based dooms­day re­li­gion dis­con­nected from hon­est sci­ence. Ev­ery­one should watch “Global Warm­ing: Dooms­day Called Off,” a doc­u­men­tary now avail­able on YouTube. Since the film was pro­duced, the Earth has grown cooler, not warmer.

Our politi­cians keep claim­ing global warm­ing is es­tab­lished fact, but the facts on the ground, in the air and in the oceans do not prove the the­ory. Global warm­ing has been er­ro­neously blamed for hur­ri­canes, floods and droughts, all of which are nat­u­ral and nor­mal dis­as­ters that hap­pen ev­ery year some­where on Earth. Th­ese events are not re­lated to any un­usual warm­ing of the at­mos­phere or oceans, tragic as they may be.

By con­trast, the world­wide en­vi­ron­men­tal and hu­man dam­age caused by the global re­new­able-en­ergy fad is proven. We need to find re­place­ments for fos­sil fu­els be­cause they are get­ting too ex­pen­sive to burn, and we need cheap en­ergy to pros­per. The most promis­ing en­ergy sources are Low En­ergy Nu­clear Re­ac­tion and sim­pli­fied hot fu­sion, as be­ing de­vel­oped by Lock­heed Martin and oth­ers.

Pres­i­dent Obama keeps push­ing bio­fu­els, wind­mills and so­lar projects, all of which are proven dis­as­ters. Bio­fuel farm­ing has sharply in­creased the price of fer­til­izer, farm­land and food world­wide, caus­ing mil­lions of deaths world­wide ow­ing to mal­nu­tri­tion and re­lated ill­ness. Our pres­i­dent, who hails from the Corn Belt, was elected with the help of Big Ethanol and does not seem to care. CHRISTO­PHER CALDER Eugene, Ore.

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