Trump’s chance to turn U.S. around

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Congress and Pres­i­dent-elect Trump must not waste a minute of 2017 on re­pair­ing the dam­age done to na­tional se­cu­rity by Pres­i­dent Barack Obama. Af­ter eight years of Mr. Obama’s as­sault on the mil­i­tary, the morale of our sol­diers, sailors and Marines is at an all-time low. Our nu­clear deter­rence is at its weak­est in decades and our armed forces are de­pleted. The out­go­ing Repub­li­can Congress must block any fi­nal at­tack by Mr. Obama on our na­tional de­fense.

Since his first day in of­fice in 2009, Mr. Obama has re­lent­lessly im­posed mas­sive cuts to our mil­i­tary, re­sult­ing in our be­ing un­able to wage two wars at the same time. We are los­ing our naval supremacy in the Pa­cific and elim­i­nat­ing count­less war­ships, air­craft and weapons sys­tems. We are down to fewer than 1,500 work­ing nu­clear war­heads, and we must pay the Rus­sians to launch our as­tro­nauts into space. Af­ter many cy­ber at­tacks against Amer­ica, we are in­creas­ingly vul­ner­a­ble to even more cy­ber threats by Rus­sia, China and other hos­tile na­tions. The num­ber of U.S. Army sol­diers has been slashed to its low­est since 1940.

Em­bold­ened Rus­sian leader Vladimir Putin is wag­ing war against demo­cratic forces in Syria. He is re­build­ing the Soviet Union start­ing in Ge­or­gia, East Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova, the Baltic States and more. He is vi­o­lat­ing our arms agree­ments and build­ing new mis­siles and war­heads while we are de­stroy­ing ours. Rus­sian war­ships and air­craft are ha­rass­ing ours, vi­o­lat­ing our air space and sea coasts along and those of our al­lies.

Red China is rapidly build­ing the largest mil­i­tary in the world, seek­ing su­pe­ri­or­ity in both outer and cy­ber space, on land, in the air and on the seas.

Iran is ha­rass­ing our ships and mov­ing ahead with its nu­clear weapons pro­grams. It threat­ens di­rectly and through its prox­ies Is­rael, Saudi Ara­bia, Egypt and their Sunni neigh­bors. The Is­lamic State is ex­pand­ing.

We must give lethal weapons to Ukraine and par­tially de­stroy the Rus­sian run­ways in Syria that are be­ing used to at­tack our al­lied Syr­ian forces.

LT. COL. DOMINIK GE­ORGE NARGELE U.S. Marine Corps (re­tired)


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