Run gov­ern­ment like a busi­ness

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Hypocrisy seems to be a badge of honor that Democrats in Congress wear with pride. They have set in with a bar­rage of ob­jec­tions to the Cabi­net ap­pointees sub­mit­ted by Pres­i­den­t­elect Don­ald Trump (“Trump picks face dif­fi­cult con­fir­ma­tion hear­ings,” Dec. 14). That is their right as the now “loyal op­po­si­tion.” How­ever, many of the ob­jec­tions seem to be that ap­pointees do not have the ex­pe­ri­ence in po­lit­i­cal ma­neu­ver­ing, or in diplo­matic dou­ble-speak. Th­ese ob­jec­tions come in the shadow of the so­cial­is­tic Demo­cratic Party’s eight years of goose-step­ping be­hind a pres­i­dent whose only area of con­cen­trated ex­pe­ri­ence was smok­ing mar­i­juana. This is the guy to whom they handed the nu­clear football. And they worry about Mr. Trump?

Other Democrats com­plain that cer­tain ap­pointees have called for the elim­i­na­tion of the agen­cies they have been ap­pointed to run. Hello, are you guys lis­ten­ing? The Amer­i­can peo­ple are tired of diplo­mats who are more cock­tail com­man­dos than con­cerned civil ser­vants. They do not want at­tor­neys gen­eral who plead the Fifth. We do not want ap­pointees who are sup­posed to pro­tect Amer­ica be­ing more con­cerned with pro­tect­ing their own pos­te­ri­ors.

The busi­ness of gov­ern­ment has al­ways been busi­ness. It’s re­fresh­ing to now have busi­ness­men and -women to run the busi­ness in­stead of Cabi­net ap­pointees who just run their mouths.

WIL­SON FARIS Gaithers­burg

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