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Why has the sub­ject of “fake news” just now arisen in the main­stream me­dia? It’s be­cause on­line me­dia out­lets made false com­ments re­gard­ing a Wash­ing­ton pizze­ria, and these com­ments al­legedly drove a man to take a weapon into that pizze­ria and fire it. There has been much fake news re­ported by the main­stream me­dia, but only now is it mak­ing a big stink.

What about Dan Rather’s fake news story on Pres­i­dent Bush and his Na­tional Guard ser­vice? Or Brian Wil­liams’ fake news story about his in­volve­ment with U.S. troops in Iraq, a dis­cov­ery that led to other fake news he had re­ported and re­sulted in his fir­ing? Now The New York Times is hung up on run­ning the fake news story of the CIA say­ing that Rus­sia is be­hind vot­ing fraud in the last pres­i­den­tial elec­tion.

There is noth­ing new about fake news sto­ries. Even Hil­lary Clin­ton has had fake-news charges levied against her at least eight times. Her land­ing-un­der-sniper-fire in Afghanistan tale and the Beng­hazi YouTube video are just two of her high­lighted fake news sto­ries.

Why is the main­stream me­dia so hung up on keep­ing this pizze­ria story front and center in its broad­casts? Could it be that they are mak­ing them­selves out to be le­git­i­mate when we all know that fake news is al­most al­ways aired on main­stream-me­dia chan­nels? When it is dis­cov­ered, they go into dam­age-con­trol mode and look for a scape­goat, which they hope is out­side their own stu­dios. When it is, it be­comes big news.

DAVE DAHLKE Port Or­chard, Wash.

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