Uni­ver­si­ties teach­ing racism

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I would urge ev­ery par­ent who has a child at Drexel Univer­sity to pull him or her out and save their money, lest their chil­dren be­come racists com­pa­ra­ble to Barack Obama (“Drexel Univer­sity pro­fes­sor calls for ‘white geno­cide’ on Christ­mas Eve,” Web, Dec. 26).

Last week on Twit­ter Ge­orge Cic­cariello-Ma­her, as­so­ciate pro­fes­sor of po­lit­i­cal sci­ence at Drexel, called for white geno­cide. He tweeted that “when the whites were mas­sa­cred dur­ing the Haitian Revolution, that was a good thing in­deed.” This ob­vi­ously racist pro­fes­sor’s de­fense was that “white isn’t a race.” I am ap­palled at the ig­no­rance of an as­so­ciate pro­fes­sor who is ap­par­ently not fa­mil­iar with the word Cau­casian, which is a race — of white per­sons. May I sug­gest that Drexel Univer­sity in­vest in dic­tionar­ies for their staff?

The Times ar­ti­cle also de­scribes a course at Univer­sity of Wis­con­sinMadi­son called “Prob­lem of White­ness” and the web­site Buz­zFeed’s pub­lish­ing of a story de­tail­ing the “‘plague’ of white peo­ple.” If this isn’t the epit­ome of racism, I don’t know what is. The univer­sity says the course will “ben­e­fit stu­dents who are in­ter­ested in devel­op­ing a deeper un­der­stand­ing of race is­sues.” The big­ger race is­sue, as re­ported almost daily for eight years, seems to be an ab­ject ha­tred of Cau­casians.

The school said in a state­ment that cour­ses like these are “not de­signed to of­fend in­di­vid­u­als or sin­gle out an eth­nic group.” I don’t think we need a de­gree to know bunk when we see it.

I am ap­palled that this on­ce­great coun­try has taken such a steep tum­ble in uni­ver­si­ties to which par­ents are pay­ing a tidy sum so their chil­dren can be­come learned. What will stu­dents learn from these uni­ver­si­ties? Racism and ha­tred, ap­par­ently. And par­ents are pay­ing dearly for that.


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