Not ‘en­light­ened’ enough

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So Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York Demo­crat, wants to fil­i­buster Neil Gor­such out of be­ing nominated to the Supreme Court. It’s a good thing Mr. Gor­such isn’t Je­sus, or Mr. Schumer would prob­a­bly have the cross and nails out by now. He wants some­one more main­stream and abor­tion-friendly — like Ruth Bader Gins­burg (or Karl Marx). Mr. Gor­such’s main prob­lem when it gets right down to it is that he sim­ply isn’t Mao enough, lacks the proper in­sight into the left­ist agenda and doesn’t goose-step to the ap­pa­ratchik ide­ol­ogy. In other words, he sim­ply isn’t one of the “en­light­ened ones,” and is thus seen as a rene­gade and loose can­non. In short Mr. Gor­such just doesn’t get it. He is there­fore deemed bad for Amer­ica.

Ten years in a left­ist in­doc­tri­na­tion camp or a week in a ship’s cargo hold with an in­surance sales­man read­ing “The Com­mu­nist Man­i­festo” to Mr. Gor­such should be suf­fi­cient in fix­ing this prob­lem, how­ever. I’d prob­a­bly opt for the for­mer my­self.

KEVIN MORIARTY San Luis Obispo, Calif.

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