The Democrats’ fever dream is doomed to fail

The Washington Times Daily - - COMMENTARY - By Tammy Bruce

It’s not clear how long lib­er­als will be able to keep up their per­pet­ual Trump outrage, but a clever en­tre­pre­neur should im­me­di­ately es­tab­lish san­i­tar­i­ums within which Hol­ly­wood types, Demo­cratic op­er­a­tives and “ac­tivists” re­ceive the care they need when they col­lapse from ex­haus­tion.

It’ll be re­hab for bul­lies. Lib­eral Fever Dream­ers will need a bed, a cold glass of wa­ter and a pill of some sort be­cause, cour­tesy of the agenda of Pres­i­dent Trump, the United States get­ting back on its feet is mov­ing rapidly from an idea to re­al­ity.

The lib­eral fever has hit a high point this week with all three gangs of the failed Demo­cratic es­tab­lish­ment scream­ing from the top of their re­spec­tive moun­tains about the in­evitable Trump­maged­don.

Tina Fey, the co­me­dian who ex­tended her ca­reer by im­per­son­at­ing Sarah Palin, made head­lines last week by lec­tur­ing Trump-vot­ing “col­lege-ed­u­cated white women,” be­cause, you know, they were too smart to vote for him. Other women, not so much.

At a fundraiser for the Amer­i­can Civil Lib­er­ties

Union (pop­u­lated by our celebrity in­tel­lec­tual bet­ters) Ms. Fey lec­tured, “A lot of this elec­tion was turned by white, col­lege-ed­u­cated women who now would like to for­get about this elec­tion and go back to watch­ing HGTV. … You can’t look away be­cause it doesn’t af­fect you this minute, but it’s go­ing to af­fect you even­tu­ally.”

Once re­cov­ered from the strong odor of smug in the room, the ques­tion re­ally has to be, look away from what? The com­pa­nies re­turn­ing to the United States? The re­moval of crim­i­nal il­le­gal aliens from our neigh­bor­hoods? The re­turn of the rule of law? The hun­dreds of thou­sands of new jobs al­ready cre­ated? The his­tor­i­cal op­ti­mism re­ported by small busi­nesses? The ef­fort to keep ter­ror­ists out of the coun­try?

It’s ob­vi­ous Ms. Fey missed the irony of her re­marks; it is ex­actly this pa­tron­iz­ing, sanc­ti­mo­nious at­ti­tude that both men and women re­jected in the elec­tion. Her com­ments also re­veal how the fem­i­nist 1% pre­sume if you’ve been washed through our safes­paced univer­sity sys­tem you’ve been “ed­u­cated” enough to know you can’t have a mind of your own, and you must do as you’re told, for the bet­ter­ment of the en­tire sis­ter­hood, of course.

As a fem­i­nist I’m thrilled this back­ward bul­ly­ing of all women by today’s lib­er­als has failed. On one hand, “ed­u­cated” women are sup­posed to have been smart enough to re­ject Mr. Trump. Which im­plies other women who voted for him were just too stupid. But it’s an in­sult to their sup­posed tribe of Smart Women as well — af­ter all, Ms. Fey thinks they’re all a bunch of poseurs who, God for­bid, watch HGTV.

Says the woman who makes a liv­ing pre­tend­ing to be other peo­ple and en­gag­ing in prat­falls on a skit com­edy show. Got it.

Then there are the Fever Dream­ers at the Los An­ge­les Times. Deliri­ous from para­noia and fear, they de­cided they needed a four-part se­ries to warn all liv­ing crea­tures about Trump­maged­don.

The Wash­ing­ton Ex­am­iner re­ported, “The Times’ first in­stall­ment, ‘Our Dis­hon­est Pres­i­dent,’ said Trump’s poli­cies are al­ready hurt­ing peo­ple, but said that is not the most fright­en­ing thing about Trump. ‘What is most wor­ri­some about Trump is Trump him­self,’ the Times wrote. ‘He is a man so un­pre­dictable, so reck­less, so petu­lant, so full of blind self-re­gard, so un­teth­ered to re­al­ity that it is im­pos­si­ble to know where his pres­i­dency will lead or how much dam­age he will do to our na­tion. Where will this end?’ the pa­per asked.”

A dis­as­ter of bi­b­li­cal pro­por­tions! Rivers and seas boil­ing! Forty years of dark­ness, earth­quakes, vol­ca­noes! Hu­man sac­ri­fice, dogs and cats sleep­ing to­gether! Yes, it ap­pears some­one at the Times watched “Ghost­busters” a few too many times.

Tom Perez, the new chair­man of the Demo­cratic Na­tional Com­mit­tee, also had to make sure every­one knew how des­per­ate things re­ally are, you know, with all those jobs com­ing back, ISIS be­ing wal­loped, and our bor­der al­ready more se­cure. At a rally in New Jersey, Mr. Perez shouted from the podium, “Don­ald Trump, you don’t stand for our val­ues. You didn’t win this elec­tion.”

Well, ac­tu­ally, he did. But Mr. Perez knows what it’s like to lose. As Rob Schneider put it on Twit­ter: “2010 Dems lost the House. 2012 Dems lost the Se­nate. 2016 Dems lost the White House. 2017 Dems lost abil­ity to rea­son. It’s not Rus­sia, it’s YOU.”

The melt­down will be­come even more in­tense as Mr. Trump con­tin­ues to fo­cus on get­ting things done. This week brings re­newed at­ten­tion on re­peal­ing the scourge of Oba­macare and the con­fir­ma­tion of Judge Neil Gor­such to the U.S. Supreme Court. And de­spite ac­tivist judges at­tempt­ing to in­ter­fere with the ex­ec­u­tive branch’s power, sooner than later the pres­i­dent’s ex­ec­u­tive or­der on travel to keep this na­tion more se­cure will also be im­ple­mented.

The me­dia, Hol­ly­wood and smug lib­er­als are get­ting a les­son from a pres­i­dent who isn’t swayed by screams or threats or even polls. He’s fo­cused on mak­ing things in this coun­try bet­ter. Mr. Trump does have a chal­lenge, though, and that’s mak­ing sure his mes­sage is com­mu­ni­cated clearly and strongly enough to make sure the malev­o­lence of his op­po­nents is barely au­di­ble like the old, dead left­ist echo that it is.


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