Trump’s po­lit­i­cal death be­ing re­ported (and greatly ex­ag­ger­ated)

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The river of fake news con­tin­ues to run un­abated. It’s not even 100 days into the Trump pres­i­dency, and al­ready the man is fin­ished. Un­prece­dented tur­moil and may­hem. Chronic in­fight­ing. Can’t get any­thing done. Even Repub­li­cans in Congress are turn­ing on him.

Then, sud­denly, lob a bunch of mis­siles into Syria, and the guy is Abraham Lin­coln.

Noth­ing like a lit­tle war­mon­ger­ing to get all the es­tab­lish­ment toad­ies on both sides of the aisle around here ex­cited. And, by the way, has any­one no­ticed that old Hon­est Abe was a bit of a white na­tion­al­ist too?

I mean, both he and Don­ald Trump were white. And they are both na­tion­al­ists. In fact, Lin­coln in­vented the whole “Amer­ica First” plat­form that Mr. Trump ran on.

“A house di­vided against it­self can­not stand” is about as “Amer­ica First” as you can get. Then go­ing to all-out war to make sure the na­tion “will cease to be di­vided” is bel­liger­ently “Amer­ica First.”

And now that Mr. Trump has got­ten a lit­tle into the war game, he’s smelling more and more like Lin­coln ev­ery day!

So much for all the fake news about Mr. Trump’s doomed pres­i­dency.

Re­mem­ber Bleed­ing Kansas? Mr. Trump’s pop­u­lar­ity was so far down the throat of the toilet that even in fiery-red Kansas, vot­ers were turn­ing Demo­crat.

It wasn’t so much that Democrats were go­ing to gain one seat in their 44-seat deficit in the House. It was what the stun­ning up­set was go­ing to mean about Mr. Trump’s cur­rent pop­u­lar­ity and for midterm races next year.

Not only would Mr. Trump be limp­ing along, he would be all alone as Democrats would ride into power on a wave of his­toric anti-Trump rage among vot­ers.

Just look at Kansas’ 4th Dis­trict. End­less sto­ries re­vealed that Demo­crat Jim Thomp­son would beat Repub­li­can Ron Estes.

SPOILER ALERT: Repub­li­can Ron Estes wins. De­spite a healthy 7-point mar­gin, The New York Times de­clared Mr. Estes “Sur­vives Tight House Race.”

Largely un­men­tioned is that Mr. Estes was ac­tu­ally dragged down by an un­pop­u­lar Repub­li­can gov­er­nor — not Mr. Trump — and that spe­cial elec­tions al­ways bring out the cra­zies.

On top of that, Kansas Democrats did their best to trick vot­ers by run­ning a can­di­date who, well, ran as a Repub­li­can. Mr. Thomp­son is an Army vet­eran who, un­til last year, was a reg­is­tered Repub­li­can.

For Amer­ica’s next great re­buke of Mr. Trump and the party he owns, please now turn to Ge­or­gia, an­other fiery-red Repub­li­can state about to be in­fested by a wave of Demo­cratic vot­ing.

In Ge­or­gia’s 6th Dis­trict, Demo­crat Jon Os­soff is the lat­est ca­nary in the coal mine to prove the cer­tain demise of Mr. Trump. Anti-Trump sen­ti­ments are so far off the charts there that Mr. Os­soff (who co­hab­i­tates with a woman not his wife in a home not in his dis­trict) will some­how lock up a ma­jor­ity of the vote and win the seat with­out fac­ing a runoff.

The only rea­son we are even talk­ing about this prospect is that there are a dozen Repub­li­cans split­ting the vote against Mr. Os­soff. Ev­ery­one agrees that in a runoff, the Demo­crat would be doomed. And, any­way, even if he were to pull off an up­set, he would go down as a very short-lived con­gress­man — surely booted in the midterms next year.

But just read the pa­pers: The in­ten­sity of anti-Trump sen­ti­ment in this re­li­ably Repub­li­can dis­trict is pal­pa­ble. So in­tense, in fact, is this anti-Trump sen­ti­ment that when Mr. Trump was ac­tu­ally on the bal­lot in Ge­or­gia’s 6th Dis­trict last year, he won.

See, that’s the great thing about fake news: Not only does it not have to be news, it can be en­tirely made up. And, like all the best chil­dren’s games, fake news can re­port what is the pre­cise op­po­site of what is true.

It’s go­ing to be a long eight years for these peo­ple.

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