New Blad­der Con­trol Pill Fi­nally Re­ceives U.S. Pa­tent

A clin­i­cally proven and patented break­through, now avail­able in the U.S. with­out a pre­scrip­tion… New Dou­ble-Blind Clin­i­cal Study Shows UriVarx Can Re­duce Ur­gency, Leak­age and In­con­ti­nence... It Can Even Re­duce Frus­trat­ing Mid­dle of the Night Bath­room Trip

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NEW YORK, NY – Fre­quent, un­con­trol­lable uri­na­tion is no laugh­ing mat­ter. Add it to all of the other stresses in life and it can be noth­ing short of a night­mare.

That help­less feel­ing of your blad­der burst­ing and the worry of not mak­ing it to the bath­room in time can be ab­so­lutely ter­ri­fy­ing.

The loss of dig­nity and the fear and em­bar­rass­ment of “not mak­ing it” cre­ates one of the most dif­fi­cult health prob­lems, you’ll ever deal with.

But you’re not alone with your blad­der is­sues. Ac­cord­ing to The Na­tional In­sti­tute of Health, as many as 33 mil­lion Amer­i­cans are af­fected by blad­der con­trol prob­lems, ex­actly like those de­scribed above.

Blad­der Prob­lems… The One Se­cret You’ll Never Tell

Ac­cord­ing to Dr. Tracey Seipel, a long-time clin­i­cian and one of the world’s lead­ing ex­perts in the nat­u­ral treat­ment of blad­der con­trol is­sues, “Most peo­ple who have over­ac­tive blad­ders choose to keep their prob­lems a se­cret.”

In fact, she went on to say, “They don’t even tell their spouse or fam­i­lies about it. It af­fects their lives in ev­ery way, in­flu­enc­ing where they go, and even what they will wear in case they have an ac­ci­dent.”

And for­get about mak­ing a fash­ion state­ment, ac­cord­ing to Dr. Seipel, “Black is the color of choice, as it can hide ev­i­dence of pub­lic accidents.”

But blad­der con­trol is­sues may now be a thing of the past. That’s be­cause a 100% nat­u­ral, drug-free aid de­vel­oped by Dr. Seipel and her team is now avail­able. In the dou­ble blind placebo con­trol clin­i­cal tri­als pub­lished on www.clin­i­cal­tri­, the 150 pa­tients en­rolled in this pow­er­ful clin­i­cal trial and who took UriVarx™ for eight weeks ex­pe­ri­enced a large and sta­tis­ti­cally sig­nif­i­cant re­duc­tion in over­ac­tive blad­der and uri­nary in­con­ti­nence symp­toms.

The pro­pri­etary for­mu­la­tion called UriVarx was clin­i­cally tested and proven to re­duce in­con­ti­nence, stress in­con­ti­nence, ur­gency, fre­quency and noc­turia (hav­ing to go at night). Some par­tic­i­pants even re­ported com­plete re­ver­sal of their noc­turia within 2 weeks!

UriVarx… Users Re­joice!

Dr. Seipel’s for­mula has com­pletely changed the life of Brandy W., a 45 year-old mother of three from Bris­bane, CA.

Brandy stated, “I had a high blad­der fre­quency as a child, but my fre­quency re­ally wors­ened af­ter the birth of my first child.”

Af­ter a friend told her about UriVarx, Brandy de­cided to give it a try. “Af­ter 2 weeks, I al­ready no­ticed changes” said Brandy.

She went on to say, “I was find­ing that although I felt I needed to uri­nate, I wasn’t as des­per­ate to run to the toi­let. Now, when I get up in the morn­ing, I’m able to make the cof­fee and even have a cup be­fore need­ing to go, which is a great im­prove­ment!”

How Does It Work?

“UriVarx helps sup­port blad­der health by re­vi­tal­iz­ing blad­der tone and func­tion and by help­ing sup­port kid­ney health”, says Dr. Seipel.

“The ac­tive in­gre­di­ents pro­mote nor­mal uri­nary fre­quency and they re­duce ur­gency, noc­turia and those em­bar­rass­ing accidents,” adds Dr. Seipel.

“The com­pound in­vig­o­rates the tone of the blad­der wall, as­sist­ing a healthy level of firm­ness by en­hanc­ing the blad­der’s mus­cu­lar elas­tic­ity. This re­duces the fre­quent urge to uri­nate,” Dr. Seipel ex­plains.

Pos­i­tive and Strong Clin­i­cal Stud­ies

This nat­u­ral drug-free blend re­cently shocked the med­i­cal com­mu­nity with its over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive re­sults in a new pub­lished clin­i­cal study.

Study par­tic­i­pants were ran­dom­ized and as­signed to ei­ther a treat­ment group or a placebo group at two sep­a­rate fa­cil­i­ties. Both groups were mon­i­tored for a va­ri­ety of blad­der symp­toms at week two, four and eight dur­ing the 2-month study.

At the end of the study, those re­ceiv­ing UriVarx showed sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments in all symp­toms, in­clud­ing day fre­quency, night fre­quency and ur­gency. And what was even more im­pres­sive were the quality of life im­prove­ments the test sub­jects ex­pe­ri­enced. A full 84% of those tak­ing UriVarx said “Yes!” to the ques­tion... “Have you had any ben­e­fit from your treat­ment?” Com­pared to only 18% of the placebo group.

Re­sults like these are not sur­pris­ing to Dr. Seipel who sin­gle-hand­edly pi­o­neered the blad­der care cat­e­gory in the early 2000’s, re­ceiv­ing an award for her work from the pres­ti­gious U.S. Nu­tri­tion Busi­ness Journal.

The patented for­mula con­sists of a pro­pri­etary blend of se­lect, syn­er­gis­ti­cally paired botan­i­cals. All cho­sen be­cause of their abil­ity to sup­port healthy uri­nary and kid­ney func­tion, main­tain the health of the uri­nary tract and im­prove blad­der tone. Dr. Seipel searched for over 15 years to find the per­fect nu­tri­ents for her blend.

In­ter­na­tional De­crease In Adult Di­a­per Use

“Over-ac­tive blad­der syn­drome is a widely spread prob­lem,” says Dr. Seipel. Many of the in­di­vid­u­als are forced to wear adult di­a­pers. And in­sid­ers in the adult di­a­per mar­ket are keep­ing a close eye on Dr. Seipel’s re­search. They don’t want to lose their good cus­tomers like 78 year-old re­tired teacher Glenda B.

Glenda wore adult di­a­pers ev­ery day to guard against accidents. “My blad­der ca­pac­ity was good, but the leak­age and the accidents would oc­cur with­out warn­ing. So I wore them ev­ery day,” con­fessed Glenda.

Since Glenda dis­cov­ered Dr. Seipel’s Blad­der Con­trol for­mula, you won’t find her shop­ping in the adult di­a­per sec­tion of the store any­more.

“Af­ter only two months on UriVarx, I re­duced my need to wear my di­a­pers. Now I man­age very well, thank you,” says Glenda. And Glenda’s re­sults are sim­i­lar to many in a re­cent study. In fact, of those who re­ported us­ing adult di­a­pers at the be­gin­ning of the study 75% of them no longer needed them af­ter just 8 weeks, com­pared to only 5% of the placebo group.

En­larged Prostate or Blad­der Is­sues?

Symp­toms of an over­ac­tive blad­der can mimic those caused by an en­larged prostate, con­fus­ing many men. Dr. Seipel ex­plains, “Prostate en­large­ment re­stricts urine flow. The blad­der com­pen­sates for this by try­ing harder and harder to push urine out.” As pres­sure in the blad­der in­creases, so do in­stances of uri­nary ur­gency and fre­quency. Long af­ter prostate is­sues are han­dled, many men still ex­pe­ri­ence the same symp­toms, thanks to their now over­ac­tive blad­der.

Great Re­sults Whether You’re a Man or a Woman

“Be­cause male and fe­male blad­ders, other than size are iden­ti­cal,” says D. Seipel, “The for­mula works equally well for both men and women.”

“It’s a his-and-hers for­mula, “she grins. David M., a 46 year old male can at­test to this. “I was hav­ing to go to the toi­let ev­ery hour or so and I had to go to the toi­let at least four times per night.”

For weeks af­ter start­ing UriVarx, David says, “My trips to the toi­let have def­i­nitely re­duced and I’m hav­ing much bet­ter sleep, get­ting up maybe once per night.”

If you’re ready to al­le­vi­ate the un­con­trol­lable urge to uri­nate, forc­ing you to make fran­tic trips to the bath­room, and in­stead want the con­fi­dence and se­cu­rity that a health­ier blad­der can bring to your life, here’s your risk free op­por­tu­nity.

The Washington Times Read­ers Qual­ify for a Spe­cial Dis­count

To en­cour­age you to ex­pe­ri­ence the life-chang­ing ef­fect UriVarx™ can have, In­novus Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals is of­fer­ing a spe­cial dis­count for The Washington Times read­ers – but only for a very lim­ited time. An or­der Hot­line has been set up for lo­cal read­ers. Sim­ply call 1-800-700-7315. Sup­plies are lim­ited, so they will only be tak­ing or­ders for the next 72 hours. If you miss this op­por­tu­nity, you may have to wait un­til the next pro­duc­tion run in a few weeks. We ex­pect phone lines to be busy, so please be pa­tient.

Fi­nally a clin­i­cally proven pill so­lu­tion to ease all your blad­der prob­lems.

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