Pigs on pa­trol

Wild ra­zor­backs slay 3 ISIS fight­ers wait­ing to am­bush Iraqi sol­diers

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The noble pig is the most ma­ligned an­i­mal of for­est and barn­yard. The pig some­times wal­lows in mud but since he doesn’t sweat that’s the only way he can keep cool when the weather turns warm (and then hot). Pigs ac­tu­ally make good pets. Pigs can be house­bro­ken — not eas­ily, but it can be done — and they’re peace­able and friendly.

And tasty, too. Af­ter 24 hours in a hick­ory smoke­house, slathered with just the right sauce from the old coun­try, the shoul­der of a shoat can sup­ply a feast for the gods. You can’t say any of that about cer­tain other an­i­mals. No one has de­vised a sauce to make a cat worth eat­ing, for ex­am­ple.

And now, from Iraq, where some­thing good rarely hap­pens, comes news that pigs have joined the war against ter­ror. Three fight­ers of the Is­lamic State, or ISIS, were killed this week in an am­bush of stam­ped­ing wild boar.

A chief of the Ubaid tribe in Iraq and a su­per­vi­sor of para­mil­i­tary forces in the coali­tion of tribes­men fight­ing ISIS, tells the Lon­don Times that an ISIS pa­trol was set­ting up an am­bush, plan­ning to at­tack a band of tribes­men flee­ing a town called Hay­ija, con­trolled by ISIS. One of the ISIS fight­ers ex­am­in­ing the lay of the land ap­par­ently dis­turbed a herd of wild pigs, who were mind­ing their own busi­ness (as well-be­haved pigs will do). The pigs, fa­mous in hin­ter­lands for both cun­ning and courage, counter-at­tacked.

The ISIS pa­trol had taken cover in a bed of reeds, try­ing to or­ga­nize an at­tack on op­pos­ing tribes­men, when the wild ra­zor­backs ran at them. Un­will­ing to stand and fight like men, the ISIS fight­ers were quickly over­taken by the ra­zor­backs, who de­spite their size, gait and sheer ug­li­ness, read­ily achieve speeds a run­ning back could envy.

A tribesman told a re­porter that the wild pigs abound in the area and are usu­ally peace­ful enough when left alone, but once dis­turbed be­come fe­ro­cious and ea­ger to de­fend their turf. This time the ra­zor­backs killed 3 ISIS fight­ers and wounded 5 oth­ers. Hot stuff, in­deed.

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