Get­ting to the bot­tom of Cov­fefe

Maybe the Don­ald just wanted to ‘let the good times roll’

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Ev­ery­one wants to know what Don­ald Trump’s “cov­fefe” tweet was about, and a few code­break­ers think they have fig­ured it out. White House sources, for the record, con­cede that it is in­deed code, and the peo­ple the pres­i­dent wanted to reach know the code.

This is what in­fu­ri­ates those who didn’t, and couldn’t, get the mes­sage. Be­ing “in the know” is why “ev­ery­one” comes to Wash­ing­ton in the first place. Know­ing that you don’t know, be­cause you’re not “in the cir­cle,” is the fate worse than a slow death. And even worse, why would any­body hire a lob­by­ist who doesn’t know?

Con­gress­men are par­tic­u­larly vul­ner­a­ble to not know­ing. A con­gress­man, whether in the House or the Se­nate, who doesn’t know the code can and will be re­placed. That’s why a clever sen­a­tor, for ex­am­ple, quickly learns how to fake it, (fak­ery be­ing all the rage just now.)

Sen. Ben Sasse of Ne­braska, a Repub­li­can, ex­ploited his daugh­ter’s pi­ano recital to prove just how “in the know” he re­ally is. “It’s #PianoRecital night,” he tweeted to his hun­dreds of fol­low­ers. “Livetweet­ing likely, de­spite the con­stant neg­a­tive press Cov­fefe.” In another, he even twit­tered, as the re­ally in­side in­sid­ers call pre­mium tweets: “Rare per­for­mance of Cov­fefe’s Etude in D ma­jor tonight. So beau­ti­ful. Only I and small group of ppl know ex­actly what I mean.”

The cap­i­tal ob­ses­sion with what some outof-the-loop drudges and drones call merely the Don­ald’s typo — it was dis­patched at day­break, af­ter all — has re­placed the pre­vi­ous ob­ses­sion with what Me­la­nia Trump meant when she ap­peared to swat her hus­band’s hand out of the way when they were leav­ing an event at the G-7 sum­mit. An ob­ses­sion has the shelf life of a shrimp in Wash­ing­ton.

CNN, the ca­ble-TV net­work, is al­ways hot in pur­suit 24/7 of what­ever smells like a pres­i­den­tial con­spir­acy, dread­ing re­turn­ing to the story of the miss­ing Malaysian air­liner, and says the Cov­fefe tweet was proof, if more were needed, that the pres­i­dent is just un­able to gov­ern and lead, al­though he ac­tu­ally had a pretty good day yes­ter­day, tak­ing on the en­tire world to scoff at the global warm­ing ob­ses­sion.

But some­times, as al­most any ex­pe­ri­enced news­pa­per­man could have told the man at CNN, con­spir­a­cies can be un­rav­eled by the per­fectly ob­vi­ous. The mayor of Cov­ing­ton, La., the seat of St. Tam­many Parish just across Lake Pontchar­train from New Or­leans, re­vealed the mean­ing of the pres­i­dent’s code mes­sage. It wasn’t a typo at all, but an acro­nym in the al­pha­bet soup so beloved by bu­reau­crats.

“Cov­FeFe is quite clearly a con­densed ver­sion of ‘Cov­ing­ton Feels Fes­tive,’ ” said Mayor Mike Cooper, “and I’m sure our com­man­der in chief was sim­ply ex­press­ing his ad­mi­ra­tion for our great city. We’re known for nat­u­ral beauty, a di­verse econ­omy, friendly peo­ple and cul­tural arts. We’re known for be­ing fun and, well, fes­tive.”

It’s al­ways party time the closer you get to New Or­leans, and this puzzles Wash­ing­ton, where party time has an al­to­gether dif­fer­ent mean­ing — and, some would say, never fun and about as fes­tive as the mark-up of a bud­get bill. This makes more sense than the usual non­sense from Wash­ing­ton. Maybe par­ty­ing is how you make Amer­ica great again.

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