Par­tic­u­late mat­ter cause of warm­ing?

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It’s about time that some­one brought an end to this “cli­mate change” busi­ness. It’s not the car­bon in the at­mos­phere that causes Earth to warm; it’s the lack of par­tic­u­late mat­ter. A lit­tle his­tory for ev­ery­one: In 1883 when Kraka­toa erupted Europe ex­pe­ri­enced two years with­out any real sum­mer. And af­ter Mt. St. He­lens erupted, we had sev­eral bad win­ters.

It’s just like the great freon scare that had us be­lieev­ing the ozone layer was be­ing de­stroyed. There were even peo­ple who came up with the­o­ries about how the heav­ier-than-air freon was ris­ing and de­stroy­ing the ozone. Then they dis­cov­ered that, in fact, Earth’s wob­ble was caus­ing the hole to ex­pand and con­tract.

Of course, what started the global warm­ing furor was the re­ced­ing of that glacier in Green­land. In the process of re­ced­ing, the glacier ex­posed where Vik­ings had once lived. His­tory told us the Vik­ings packed up and left, which gen­er­ated a whole dif­fer­ent set of events.

The Democrats ba­si­cally shut down coal, which elim­i­nated more par­tic­u­late mat­ter, which had re­flected sun­light, caus­ing Earth to cool.


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