So­cial­ist San­ders gets su­per­rich un­der Amer­ica’s cap­i­tal­ism

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Boy, so­cial­ism re­ally pay. Sen. Bernie San­ders, a so­cial­ist from Ver­mon­tis­tan, spent 2016 preach­ing his fa­vorite so­cial­ist ide­olo­gies. His fans ate it up like candy. He packed are­nas and fair­grounds across the coun­try bash­ing The One Per­cent, spout­ing off about the pro­le­tariat and vow­ing that, if elected pres­i­dent, he would take from the rich and give to the poor. A mod­ern-day Robin Hood, al­beit in a baggy, ill-fit­ting suit, that Bernie.

Where else but Amer­ica would that make you a mil­lion­aire?!

Mr. San­ders, in his newly re­leased Se­nate fi­nan­cial dis­clo­sures, says he brought in some $1,042,000 last year. Much of that, $795,000, came in the form of a book ad­vance for his new­est of­fer­ing, “Our Rev­o­lu­tion: A Fu­ture to Be­lieve In.” Be­lieve in? How about “a fu­ture to ka-ching in.”

Mr. San­ders made nearly $860,000 in roy­al­ties for a pair of books, his dis­clo­sures say. His job in the Se­nate pays $174,000 a year, so he made a boatload from his sec­ond job.

That sec­ond book, which brought in $63,750 for the so­cial­ist over­lord, is ti­tled “The Bernie San­ders Guide to Po­lit­i­cal Rev­o­lu­tion.” It doesn’t even come out un­til Au­gust. And with it he’ll tap a de­sir­able de­mo­graphic: The book is tar­geted at teens to help them “learn more about pro­gres­sive causes and how to mo­bi­lize around key is­sues they care about,” Teen Vogue says. Yeah, you can help the cause by buy­ing this $27 book — in hard­back, please. That’ll teach you about Amer­ica, kids!

Now, one might think that ol’ Bernie, good so­cial­ist that he is, would share some of that cash with his “sis­ters and broth­ers” in the move­ment. But shocker: Self­ish Bernie is keep­ing all of that moolah for him­self.

Mr. San­ders, 75, who grew up poor in Brook­lyn, seems to en­joy the good life. Like any good cap­i­tal­ist, he keeps con­sum­ing, buy­ing a third home in 2016, a four-bed­room wa­ter­front house on Lake Cham­plain in Ver­mont. Mr. San­ders and his wife own an­other home in nearby Burlington, as well a pricey town­house in an up­scale neigh­bor­hood on Capi­tol Hill in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

Not bad for a poor lit­tle so­cial­ist — some of those losers don’t even have one house.

But you won’t find that new home listed un­der Mr. San­ders’ own name. In­stead, the own­er­ship is hid­den be­hind a fam­ily trust. “I am a co-trus­tee in a fam­ily trust cre­ated when we bought a sum­mer home,” he said. But isn’t that what ALL great so­cial­ists say? And they want fun with the name: Is­lands Fam­ily Trust.

The sen­a­tor’s dis­clo­sures also show his wife’s re­tire­ment mu­tual funds, too, but in broad terms: Those are worth any­where from $192,000 to $815,000. But why bother with those? The state will pro­vide; gov­ern­ment is the one and only an­swer. Who needs money of your own?

What’s more, very lit­tle is known about Mr. San­ders’ real fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion. He never re­leased his tax re­turns. (Re­mem­ber the clamor about Pres­i­dent Trump’s tax re­turns? Yeah, that doesn’t ap­ply to main­stream me­dia darlings like Mr. San­ders).

Mr. San­ders re­leased only a short sum­mary of his 2014 re­turns.

In April he tweeted: “How many yachts do bil­lion­aires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can’t have it all.”

But re­ally, how many houses does some­body need? For most peo­ple, the an­swer is one. Per­haps it’s dif­fer­ent for so­cial­ists, though.

Still, Bernie, if you’re lis­ten­ing, help a brother out, huh? I could re­ally use a cou­ple hun­dred thou­sand dol­lars so I can buy a beach house.

And you’ve got three houses, so, c’mon, it’s only fair. I’ll even name the fam­ily trust for my ocean­front man­sion af­ter you.


Avowed so­cial­ist Sen. Bernard San­ders raked in a healthy $1 mil­lion in 2016, much of it from an ad­vance on his book, and some from roy­al­ties.

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