The po­lit­i­cal legacy of the Paris Ac­cord de­par­ture

It ex­panded the chasm be­tween ‘ev­ery­day’ Democrats and ‘coun­try club’ Democrats

The Washington Times Daily - - COMMENTARY - By Foster Friess

Now the Repub­li­cans are the party of “the lit­tle guy” — the truck­ers, the farm­ers, welders, sec­re­taries, wait­resses — and the Democrats have be­come the party of the big money in­ter­ests, Google, Face­book, Ge­orge Soros, Bloomberg. Nowhere is this bet­ter il­lus­trated than by Pres­i­dent Trump’s with­drawal from the Paris Cli­mate Ac­cord.

The bil­lion­aire coun­try club Democrats and their brethren in the me­dia are not go­ing to have their in­comes af­fected like peo­ple in the colonies whose liveli­hood is de­pen­dent on abun­dant low cost en­ergy. We in the “colonies” re­sent dic­ta­to­rial poli­cies em­a­nat­ing from the “king­dom of D.C.”

In an eight-minute video with CNN’s Jake Tap­per, Ken­tucky Sen. Rand Paul ridicules the no­tion that the oceans will rise 100 feet in the next 100 years by point­ing out that the oceans were 300 feet lower eons ago which al­lowed mi­gra­tion across the Ber­ing Strait .

Isn’t it in­ter­est­ing how the term ‘global warm­ing’ has mor­phed to cli­mate change?

NASA es­ti­mates that steps ad­vo­cated now would re­duce tem­per­a­tures by 0.2 de­grees centi­grade over 100 years.

Cer­tainly man has had an in­flu­ence in the chang­ing en­vi­ron­ment and air qual­ity since the first cave­man started the first fire, but how does that fire or all the sub­se­quent sport utility ve­hi­cles and coal fired plants com­pare to the nat­u­ral

causes which have spawned seven ice ages, one com­ing all the way down to the north­ern bound­ary of Florida.

Ev­ery­day Democrats see through the silli­ness of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer say­ing that Mr. Trump has de­stroyed the fu­ture of two gen­er­a­tions of Amer­i­cans.

The con­trols on two pol­lu­tants, PM2.5 and ozone, ac­cord­ing to the En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency, are the ones most linked to health is­sues such as asthma at­tacks, hos­pi­tal­iza­tion and re­duced mor­tal­ity with more than 90 per­cent of the ben­e­fit from con­trol­ling PM2.5.

Ac­cord­ing to the World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion of the United Na­tions, that PM2.5 across the United States is 8.3 mi­cro­grams per cu­bic me­ter (UG/M3), sim­i­lar to Ice­land and New Zealand, which are 7.6 and 8.0 per cu­bic me­ter, re­spec­tively.

What are they in the coun­tries which are ridi­cul­ing our pres­i­dent and chastis­ing him for “bail­ing out” and en­dan­ger­ing the world? France is 12.1, the United King­dom 12.2, Ger­many 13.5 and Ja­pan 14.6. All sig­nif­i­cantly higher than our 8.3.

Guess what the Euro­pean stan­dard is? 25 UG/M3.

So, we here in the United States have been do­ing a far bet­ter job of con­trol­ling pol­lu­tants than the rest of the world, well be­fore the Paris Ac­cord was signed in 2015.

The ev­ery­day Democrats see Pres­i­dent Obama, send­ing $1 bil­lion of their tax­payer money (with­out their ap­proval, chan­neled through Congress). How much has Rus­sia sent into the Green Cli­mate Fund? An­swer: $0.00. China? Zero. In­dia? Also zero, zilch, nada.

Here’s a very im­pres­sive com­ment from the Pak­ista­nis:

“Given the fu­ture eco­nomic growth and as­so­ci­ated growth in the en­ergy sec­tor, the peak­ing of emis­sions in Pak­istan is ex­pected to take place much be­yond the year 2030.

An ex­po­nen­tial in­crease of green­house gas emis­sions for many decades is likely to oc­cur be­fore any de­crease in emis­sions can be ex­pected.”

Rand Paul says Rus­sia is al­lowed to in­crease their car­bon foot­print 50 per­cent while we’re re­quired to re­duce ours 20 per­cent, and China is not re­quired to do any­thing.

So the $1 bil­lion the leader of the coun­try club Democrats, Pres­i­dent Obama, sent went to coun­tries like Kenya, Thai­land, Philip­pines, In­dia, In­done­sia, Mex­ico, and Viet­nam.

An or­ga­ni­za­tion called Trans­parency In­ter­na­tional has a Cor­rup­tion Per­cep­tions In­dex. In 2014, they ranked the ma­jor coun­tries that got grants from the work­ers of Amer­ica. Those coun­tries ranked be­tween 25-43 on their Cor­rup­tion Per­cep­tions In­dex. Zero is per­ceived as highly cor­rupt and 100 is very hon­est, clean and not cor­rupt.

Has the me­dia dug deeply to find out how much of these work­ers’ dol­lars were si­phoned to off­shore bank ac­counts or crony­ism that in­flated the price of con­tracts?

Jake Tap­per could cause his rep­u­ta­tion to soar if he put his jour­nal­is­tic in­ves­ti­ga­tors on such a topic rather than pass­ing along the ex­ag­ger­a­tions of the re­li­gion of cli­mate change.

How about the $26.2 mil­lion that went to the coun­try of Vanutu to ex­pand the use of “cli­mate in­for­ma­tion ser­vices” in or­der to “en­sure adap­ta­tion plan­ning and pol­icy im­ple­men­ta­tion is in­formed by the right data”? So, ba­si­cally the money was spent to “cre­ate a nec­es­sary base to un­der­pin aware­ness-rais­ing and long-term pol­icy plan­ning around cli­mate change.”

Democrats see Pres­i­dent Obama, send­ing $1 bil­lion of their tax­payer money. How much has Rus­sia sent into the Green Cli­mate Fund? An­swer: $0.00. China? Zero. In­dia? Also zero, zilch, nada.

No wind tur­bines. No so­lar pan­els. No hy­dro­elec­tric dams. But did get $26.2 mil­lion of re­ally good data? Yes.

The new breed of coun­try club Democrats are not evil and are not stupid any more than the Repub­li­can coun­try club types were/are; they’re sim­ply mis­in­formed.

Things are look­ing up for Amer­ica, thanks partly to Mr. Trump’s bold­ness. Cicero cen­turies ago said crit­i­cize by cre­at­ing. Don­ald Trump cre­ated a way around the flawed me­dia by his flood of Tweets. While his fans feel some of them are ir­rel­e­vant, that prac­tice has al­lowed him to ab­scond with the Democrats’ core base.


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