Can’t any­body find a Demo­cratic mes­sage that works?

The Washington Times Daily - - COMMENTARY - Wes­ley Pruden is edi­tor in chief emer­i­tus of The Times. By Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt

Some dis­cern­ing Democrats are at last telling the party chiefs that the party has no mes­sage to take to the hus­tings next year. That may be a mis­read­ing of the stars, Nancy Pelosi’s horoscope and Chuck Schumer’s tea leaves. The prob­lem for the Democrats, clear to ev­ery­one with bat­tered ears and weary eyes, is that the Democrats have too many mes­sages, and none of them good. That’s why they’ve been skunked in a se­ries of spe­cial elec­tions held to fill House seats va­cated by mem­bers mov­ing on to big­ger things in the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion.

Some of the Demo­cratic mes­sages, which have been dis­patched with such sound and fury are that “straight” folks and par­tic­u­larly straight white men, are so bad they’re not en­ti­tled to rights, civil or oth­er­wise. Cops are all bad be­cause they’ve set out to wipe out black folks, and there­fore it’s OK to kill as many cops as pos­si­ble.

Free speech is cool, and ev­ery­one should be able to say any­thing, any­where, as long as it’s ap­proved by the lib­eral canon, ex­cept that it’s not cool to say “lib­eral” any­more be­cause some­body stunk up the word and all the lib­er­als are now “pro­gres­sives.” It’s OK to at­tack some­one who says any­thing that would up­set a col­lege sopho­more be­cause sopho­mores de­serve space where they are not likely to meet any­one with a dif­fer­ent point of view. Isn’t that guar­an­teed in the Con­sti­tu­tion?

It’s cer­tainly in the Demo­cratic cat­e­chism that there’s no such thing as a Mus­lim ter­ror­ist, and be­sides, rad­i­cal Is­lamic ter­ror­ism is a myth (you could ask Hillary), and Mus­lims wouldn’t be ter­ror­ists if they were not op­pressed by Jews and Chris­tians in the West. You could ask Bernie San­ders, who wants to bar be­liev­ing Chris­tians from hold­ing pub­lic of­fice.

The Rus­sians are com­ing the Rus­sians are com­ing, and it’s in­cum­bent on ev­ery good cit­i­zen to look un­der the bed tonight and if they find Vladimir Putin there call the FBI and ask for Robert Mueller. Repub­li­cans are ex­cluded from look­ing and re­port­ing be­cause they knew he was there all the time, and prob­a­bly put him there.

An im­por­tant Demo­cratic mes­sage is that a woman has the right to choose when and whether she has an abor­tion, but she doesn’t have the right to choose not to have one. Democrats spread the word that Planned Par­ent­hood has a right to the pub­lic till to sup­port its baby body-parts in­dus­try. Democrats sup­port the right of Earth to ad­just its tem­per­a­ture to within a frac­tion of a de­gree by do­ing what­ever it takes, and to pun­ish any­one who ob­jects by mak­ing him watch with­out in­ter­rup­tion 25 hours of Al Gore’s doc­u­men­taries on global warm­ing un­less the United Na­tions de­ter­mines that this is cruel and unusual pun­ish­ment.

Democrats sup­port the right to choose gen­der with­out re­sort­ing to bi­ol­ogy (and no fair peek­ing into your un­der­wear for a clue). Democrats rec­og­nize as the most pre­cious right of a man the right to take a leak wher­ever he wants to, so long as he puts the toi­let seat down on leav­ing, sub­ject to United Na­tions in­spec­tion.

Un­for­tu­nately, these pas­sion­ately held mes­sages have not caught on with enough Amer­i­cans, and there ought to be a law to re­quire be­lief, as there surely will be if next year’s con­gres­sional elec­tions are fair and free of Rus­sian in­ter­fer­ence.

The frus­tra­tion of some Democrats who ac­tu­ally want to win elec­tions next year in­stead of con­tin­u­ing to rant about how evil Don­ald Trump may be, has be­come so great that they’re telling their af­flicted to knock off the Rus­sia talk. “We can’t just talk about Rus­sia, be­cause peo­ple back in Ohio aren’t re­ally talk­ing about Rus­sia, Putin, or about Michael Flynn,” com­plains Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio. “They’re try­ing to fig­ure out how they’re go­ing to make the mort­gage pay­ment, how they’re go­ing to pay for their kids’ col­lege, what their en­ergy bill looks like.

“If we don’t talk more about what they’re in­ter­ested in than how we’re so an­gry with Don­ald Trump, then we’re never go­ing to win elec­tions.”

Rep. Tim Walz of Min­nesota, an­other frus­trated Demo­crat, agrees. He’s run­ning for gov­er­nor next year and he tells the Hill, the Capi­tol Hill daily, how dis­il­lu­sioned he is with his party col­leagues. “I did a 22-county tour, and [the Rus­sia in­ves­ti­ga­tion] is some­thing no­body is fo­cused on.”

The frus­tra­tion level is so high in rar­efied Demo­cratic ranks that CNN, the ca­ble-TV net­work that has led the Demo­cratic charge against Mr. Trump, has de­cided to cool the Rus­sia hys­te­ria. Di­rec­tors and cor­re­spon­dents have been told not to re­port “any con­tent in­volv­ing Rus­sia” be­fore clear­ing it with a vice pres­i­dent of the net­work, with no ex­cep­tions.

Imag­ine that. An en­tire TV net­work scared straight. It’s enough to drive CNN to some­thing cur­rent and re­ally im­por­tant, like the story of the miss­ing Malaysian air­liner.

This week, the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion is host­ing “En­ergy Week” to dis­cuss with state, tribal, busi­ness and la­bor lead­ers how we can pave the path for­ward to­ward U.S. en­ergy dom­i­nance. This is a truly amaz­ing mo­ment in the en­ergy sec­tor, and Pres­i­dent Trump is seek­ing to cap­i­tal­ize on the op­por­tu­nity for the bet­ter­ment of the Amer­i­can econ­omy and our cit­i­zens. For the first time in four decades, the en­ergy story in the United States is about be­com­ing an en­ergy ex­porter and no longer about peak re­sources or be­ing be­holden to for­eign pow­ers.

Mr. Trump wants Amer­ica to uti­lize our abun­dant do­mes­tic en­ergy re­sources and tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­va­tions for good, both at home and abroad. An en­ergy-dom­i­nant Amer­ica means a self-re­liant and se­cure na­tion, free from the geopo­lit­i­cal tur­moil of other na­tions that seek to use en­ergy as an eco­nomic weapon.

An en­ergy-dom­i­nant Amer­ica will ex­port to mar­kets around the world, in­creas­ing our global lead­er­ship and in­flu­ence. Be­com­ing en­ergy dom­i­nant means that we are get­ting gov­ern­ment out of the way so that we can share our en­ergy wealth with de­vel­op­ing na­tions. For years, Wash­ing­ton stood in the way of our en­ergy dom­i­nance. That changes now.

The United States has been a net en­ergy im­porter since 1953, but thanks to in­no­va­tion and tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ment, we are on the brink of chang­ing this. For ex­am­ple, by 2018 the United States is ex­pected to be a net ex­porter of Liq­ue­fied Nat­u­ral Gas (LNG). Amer­i­can com­pa­nies can, and al­ready have, ex­ported U.S. LNG to our in­ter­na­tional trad­ing part­ners in Europe and Asia. This in­cludes China, where bi­lat­eral en­ergy trade was an im­por­tant el­e­ment of Pres­i­dent Trump and Pres­i­dent Xi Jin­ping’s 100-Day Ac­tion Plan. We hope to build on that dia­logue with other al­lies around the world who are seek­ing to buy Amer­i­can LNG.

The United States is blessed with an abun­dance of nat­u­ral re­sources, and en­ergy tech­nol­ogy and ser­vices. We are a world leader in nu­clear and re­new­able tech­nol­ogy. We can use this to our eco­nomic ad­van­tage for the bet­ter­ment of Amer­i­can fam­i­lies, work­ers and man­u­fac­tur­ers. Tap­ping into our full en­ergy po­ten­tial in this coun­try will lead to ro­bust job growth and ex­pan­sion in ev­ery sec­tor of our econ­omy. From re­tail to man­u­fac­tur­ing, we can bring jobs back to Amer­ica, while con­tin­u­ing to im­prove our en­vi­ron­ment with cleaner fu­els and tech­nolo­gies.

There have al­ready been many en­ergy suc­cesses since Mr. Trump took of­fice. From au­tho­riz­ing the stalled Dakota Ac­cess and Key­stone XL pipe­lines, to re­view­ing the Clean Power Plan that threat­ens 125,000 U.S. jobs, we Amer­ica to flour­ish. We are now look­ing to help, not hin­der en­ergy pro­duc­ers and job cre­ators. These col­lec­tive ac­tions are just the be­gin­ning of our Amer­ica First en­ergy strat­egy that has us well on our way to­ward en­ergy dom­i­nance. Amer­ica is open for busi­ness and the war on Amer­i­can en­ergy is over.

This week we will also reaf­firm our com­mit­ment to clean en­ergy be­cause we be­lieve that the pre­vi­ous ad­min­is­tra­tion cre­ated a false choice be­tween jobs and the en­vi­ron­ment. The pres­i­dent will hear from tribal, state and lo­cal lead­ers with deep, vested in­ter­ests in achiev­ing both the job and eco­nomic growth as­so­ci­ated with greater en­ergy pro­duc­tion, while avoid­ing the costs of ir­re­spon­si­ble en­vi­ron­men­tal stew­ard­ship. The bi­nary choice be­tween be­ing


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