Hospi­tal pa­tient re­ceives sur­prise anatomy les­son

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DEAR ABBY: I re­cently had to spend a night in the hospi­tal fol­low­ing mi­nor surgery. One of the fe­male techs tak­ing care of me leaned over me to straighten out the bed­ding and I could see “ev­ery­thing” when the top of her scrubs fell open.

I’m not sure if it was on purpose or by ac­ci­dent. I say this be­cause after the first time, it hap­pened sev­eral more times. I only looked the first time out of shock. The other times, I looked away.

Other than say­ing, “Hey, lady, I can see your boo­bies when you bend over,” what’s the po­lite way to say, “Oops — wardrobe mal­func­tion”? — GOT AN EYEFUL IN ILLI­NOIS

DEAR GOT AN EYEFUL: Since, with luck, you won’t have to make an­other visit to the hospi­tal, I think your ques­tion may be moot. How­ever, the dis­creet way to deal with some­thing like that would be to men­tion what hap­pened to the head nurse or su­per­vi­sor and say that it made you un­com­fort­able.

DEAR ABBY: I’m in my early 30s and re­cently met a very at­trac­tive woman my age. We are plan­ning to get mar­ried. She wants us to be mar­ried as soon as pos­si­ble be­cause she has been di­vorced for the last seven years.

My prob­lem is, she’s extremely se­cre­tive about her past, es­pe­cially the pe­riod be­tween her di­vorce and our meet­ing. I have been open with her about my past, but when I ask about hers, she re­fuses to dis­cuss it and says it has noth­ing to do with our re­la­tion­ship.

I have a feel­ing there may be some­thing nasty she’s hid­ing. I’m afraid I’m head­ing into a trap, but my love for her makes it tough to con­sider break­ing up. Am I be­ing too de­mand­ing? — CON­CERNED GUY IN THE SOUTH

DEAR CON­CERNED GUY: If your in­tu­ition is scream­ing that your girlfriend’s de­sire for a hasty mar­riage could spell trou­ble in the fu­ture, you should pay close at­ten­tion to it. It is not “too de­mand­ing” to want to know what one’s fi­ancee has been do­ing for the last seven years. Un­der no cir­cum­stances should you marry this woman with­out first talk­ing to a lawyer, who I am sure will sug­gest do­ing a back­ground check and/or draft­ing an iron­clad prenup­tial agree­ment.

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