A health-care fit for ev­ery­one?

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The best so­lu­tion to Oba­macare is to re­peal it and not re­place it. Get gov­ern­ment out of health care and let the free mar­ket take care of things. But we all know that will never hap­pen, be­cause once you give some­one some­thing for noth­ing, you have a prob­lem tak­ing it away.

So how about choice among three sys­tems of health-care in­surance: a pri­vate sys­tem, a gov­ern­ment sys­tem and a mixed sys­tem? For those pa­tients and health-care providers want­ing gov­ern­ment out of the way, there’s the com­pletely pri­vate sys­tem. For those who de­sire a mixed sys­tem, stay with Medi­care. For those who want the gov­ern­ment in­volved, there would be a gov­ern­ment sys­tem built around an ex­panded Vet­eran’s Ad­min­is­tra­tion, to in­clude Med­i­caid and all those who say they can’t get pri­vate in­surance.

Only those who pick the gov­ern­ment sys­tem would pay ex­tra taxes to pay for their ben­e­fits.

This way ev­ery­one gets what they want, right?

RUSS STABLEY Pom­pano Beach, Fla.

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