Me­dia still worse than ‘alt-right’

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Eight years after it was proved — even more con­vinc­ingly than the moon land­ing — that a black man can get elected pres­i­dent of the United States of America, we still have slow learn­ers stuck in the past.

It’s the “Oblit­er­ate His­tory Ne­an­derthals” ver­sus the “I’m White and I’m Proud Brass Knuckle Drag­gers.” Truly, dumb and dumber — and not al­ways in that or­der.

The only peo­ple dumber than the Ne­an­derthals and Brass Knuckle Drag­gers are the in­suf­fer­ably te­dious ref­er­ees known as the Stupid Me­dia who shape the coun­try as a bark­ing mad carnival, whip­ping up hys­te­ria for ev­ery armed show­down.

Now an ac­cused Knuckle Drag­ger and con­firmed cat owner, James Alex Fields, has en­tered the haunted Amer­i­can lex­i­con of hav­ing three names: Lee Har­vey Oswald. James Earl Ray. Son of Sam — what­ever.

James Alex Fields stands ac­cused of ram­ming his beloved mus­cle car into a crowded street dur­ing a show­down be­tween the two sides ex­ces­sively hyped by the Stupid Me­dia.

Now was this a planned at­tack aimed at max­i­miz­ing the elim­i­na­tion of as many Ne­an­derthals as pos­si­ble? Or was it Brass Knuckle Drag­ger road rage sparked by some­body kick­ing or throw­ing some­thing at his mus­cle car?

My ex­pe­ri­ence with driv­ers of Dodge Charg­ers is that they are prone to road rage. And high rates of speed. Who knows, maybe it was a pre­con­ceived, care­fully thought out at­tack aimed at max­i­mum an­ni­hi­la­tion of Ne­an­derthals. But the “I’m White and I’m Proud Brass Knuckle Drag­gers” aren’t known for be­ing par­tic­u­larly sharp. But then again, nei­ther are the “Oblit­er­ate His­tory Ne­an­derthals” and their self-styled “an­tifa” moniker.

The real ques­tion is why the Stupid Me­dia gives these loud­mouth mal­con­tents so much free air­time.

The Ne­an­derthals have worked so hard in Pres­i­dent Obama’s “pos­tra­cial” America to ex­pand the mean­ing of “racism” so as to in­clude so many stupid and in­nocu­ous things that it is hard to keep track of what ex­actly is “racist” any­more.

You’re a cop? Racist. A black cop? A racist racist. You’re white? Lord, help you.

After the may­hem Satur­day, the Stupid Me­dia de­scended upon the mother of James Alex Fields and cor­nered her in her garage for one of the most bizarre — though strangely il­lu­mi­nat­ing — press con­fer­ences in Stupid Me­dia his­tory.

“I just knew he was going to a rally,” she ex­plained. “I mean, I try to stay out of his po­lit­i­cal views.”

Stupid Me­dia tells her it was a Brass Knuckle Drag­ger rally.

“I thought it had some­thing to do with Trump,” she replied, hes­i­tantly. “Trump’s not a white su­prem­a­cist.”

Try­ing to be help­ful, the mother of James Alex Fields then of­fers: “I just know there was — he did men­tion it was ‘Al­bright.’”

“Alt-right,” a mem­ber of the Stupid Me­dia cor­rects her, though it is not clear that the Stupid Me­dia was present when James Alex Fields told his mother about the “Al­bright rally” he was at­tend­ing.

She con­firms for the Stupid Me­dia: “Al­bright.” Stupid Me­dia strikes back again: “No, alt-right. It’s like al­ter­na­tive right.”

Again, not clear if Stupid Me­dia was present when James Alex Fields dis­cussed his plans to at­tend this Al­bright con­fer­ence.

Who knew Madeleine Al­bright was a “white na­tion­al­ist”?

Any­way, as the gag­gle of Stupid Me­dia buz­zards poked their bald heads in her open garage, the mother of James Alex Fields was clearly con­fused by ev­ery­thing she was learn­ing about her “white na­tion­al­ist” son.

“He had an African-Amer­i­can friend, so — ” her voice trailed off, hop­ing the as­sem­bled Stupid Me­dia would get the point.

Well, she stuck the land­ing with “AfricanAmer­i­can,” then im­me­di­ately walked into an air­plane pro­pel­ler by ex­cus­ing her son on the virtue that he had a black friend. Ev­ery en­light­ened per­son knows there is noth­ing more racist than no­ti­fy­ing oth­ers that you have a black friend.

But what ex­actly is this so-called “alt-right” the Stupid Me­dia keeps talk­ing about? Best I can gather, it’s racists who are not to­tally racist. Or not as racist as “white na­tion­al­ists.” Or, maybe, it’s racists who like black peo­ple. Or maybe it is just peo­ple who voted for Don­ald Trump. Who knew Mr. Obama’s “pos­tra­cial” America would be so damned con­fus­ing?

In her de­fense, the mother of James Alex Fields did not ap­pear ex­actly proud of her off­spring’s be­hav­ior, even be­fore Satur­day’s mad­ness.

“I don’t re­ally get too in­volved,” she ex­plained. “I moved him out to his own apart­ment.”

Good news here is that there is life after grown chil­dren liv­ing in your base­ment. Bad news is you may still be pay­ing for them.

Des­per­ate to fetch some good from the awk­ward sit­u­a­tion with hun­gry buz­zards star­ing into her garage, she of­fers: “I’m watch­ing his cat.”


The me­dia har­rassed the mother of a man ac­cused of killing a woman in Char­lottesville, Vir­ginia’s protests.

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