World’s #2 Smartest Man Re­veals Se­cret “Ge­nius Pill”

Su­per­charge your brain and think bet­ter than ever.

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BREAKING NEWS: He has one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded.

He beats Ein­stein and Stephen Hawk­ing in the ge­nius di­rec­tory.

Yet you have prob­a­bly never heard of Rick Ros­ner, of­fi­cially the world’s se­cond smartest man.

Some experts say it’s be­cause his in­tel­li­gence was al­most by ac­ci­dent, the re­sult of an un­usual “smart pill” he takes ev­ery morn­ing.

And he agrees. “This pill makes my brain work bet­ter,” says Ros­ner. “By pre­vent­ing or slow­ing the brain’s in­evitable ag­ing process, it’s sort of like be­ing smarter.”

New Brain-Booster Fly­ing Off Shelves

Al Sears, M.D., re­cently re­leased a brain­boost­ing sup­ple­ment based on this pill that has be­come so pop­u­lar, he’s hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing it in stock.

Dr. Sears is the au­thor of over 500 sci­en­tific pa­pers on anti-ag­ing and re­cently spoke at the WPBF 25 Health & Well­ness Fes­ti­val fea­tur­ing Dr. Oz and spe­cial guest Suzanne Somers. Thou­sands of peo­ple lis­tened to Dr. Sears speak on his anti-ag­ing break­throughs and at­tended his book sign­ing at the event.

All told, 27,432 bot­tles of this pill have been sold — and ev­ery­one who takes it re­ports sim­i­lar mind-blow­ing re­sults.

Mul­ti­ple Stud­ies With Shock­ing Re­sults

One study found it dou­bled the mem­ory and cog­ni­tive func­tion of 430 pa­tients in just 24 weeks. An­other study pub­lished in

Neu­rol­ogy found it not only stopped agere­lated brain shrink­age in over a thou­sand se­niors, it even boosted brain size, es­pe­cially in the brain’s mem­ory cen­ter.

Re­searchers at a pres­ti­gious Cal­i­for­nia uni­ver­sity an­a­lyzed brain scans from 265 se­niors who took this smart pill and com­pared the group to the placebo and found on av­er­age, this made their brains 28 years younger. And that’s with just a sin­gle weekly dose. Imag­ine what it could do for you if you took it ev­ery day!

One of Dr. Sears’ pa­tients from West Palm Beach, Florida, was very con­cerned when his mem­ory started slip­ping. “I was wor­ried when I started blank­ing out on things that used to be rou­tine. All those ‘se­nior mo­ments’ started way too young. But they sud­denly stopped when I started tak­ing

Omega Re­ju­venol. Now, I feel my fo­cus and mem­ory are back at age-30 lev­els.”

And then there’s Pete, age 69, who had suf­fered from pro­gres­sively weaker mem­ory for 11 years. At one point he was un­able to re­mem­ber his locker com­bi­na­tion. But within four months of tak­ing this smart pill, he’s now a math wiz­ard. In fact, he went back to work as a CPA at a large cor­po­ra­tion.

The best part is, the sup­ple­ment has no ad­verse side ef­fects, you don’t need a pre­scrip­tion or a doc­tor’s visit, and it’s 100% nat­u­ral.

Pow­er­ful ‘Nootropic’ Vi­tal To Brain Health

“Omega Re­ju­venol is a true won­der drug for brain health,” said Dr. Sears. “This ‘nootropic’ sub­stan­tially in­creases brain vol­ume while sup­port­ing men­tal sharp­ness and mem­ory.”

“The key in­gre­di­ent of my smart pill is a lit­tle-known fatty acid called DHA. Sci­en­tists are just be­gin­ning to rec­og­nize this nu­tri­ent as the world’s most pow­er­ful ‘nootropic.’”

Your brain is al­most en­tirely made up of fats, 60% of which is DHA. And DHA is es­sen­tial be­cause it helps your brain grow new branches and re­new and re­ju­ve­nate it­self so you can keep your brain power and sharp think­ing.

Top sci­en­tists ac­knowl­edge we don’t get enough DHA in our mod­ern diet. Over the last sev­eral decades, our food sup­ply has dra­mat­i­cally changed. DHA is no longer as avail­able as it used to be, not even in fish oil or fish.

The Search For Bet­ter DHA

So Dr. Sears went look­ing for bet­ter, more con­cen­trated sources of omega-3 DHA. And he found it where no­body else was look­ing… lit­er­ally at the bottom of the earth.

Krill are tiny shrimp-like crea­tures that swim in huge biomasses in the pure, cold wa­ters near the South Pole.

Na­ture mag­a­zine hails them as the ba­sic source of en­ergy for al­most all marine life in the world’s oceans.

It turns out that DHA found in krill oil is able to pen­e­trate into nearly ev­ery cell in your body in a far su­pe­rior way than fish oil.

In a study pub­lished in Nu­tri­tion Re­search, krill oil, fish oil and olive oil were com­pared to see which one raised omega-3 lev­els higher.

Seventy-six peo­ple took 2 grams of krill oil, fish oil or olive oil ev­ery day for four weeks — then their omega-3 lev­els were tested. The re­sults were sur­pris­ing, to say the least.

Those tak­ing olive oil saw their omega-3s rise 2.9%. Those tak­ing fish oil saw their omega-3s rise 131.8%. But those tak­ing krill oil saw their omega-3s sky­rocket 178.4%. That’s 30% MORE omega-3s ab­sorbed from krill oil than from fish oil!

Se­cond Source Of Rare, Po­tent DHA

Omega Re­ju­venol also in­cludes a se­cond unique source of omega-3. The Ar­gen­tinian squid thrives by the bil­lions in the icy, pure wa­ters off the tip of South America.

What got Dr. Sears’ at­ten­tion is this mighty mol­lusk is loaded with DHA. “After this spe­cial squid oil is pro­cessed, it de­liv­ers over 65% DHA — the highest con­cen­tra­tion of DHA ever achieved in nat­u­ral medicine!” said Dr. Sears.

DHA is a life­saver be­cause ev­ery one of your cells has built-in re­cep­tors that ab­sorb it, and ev­ery one of your cells craves it. Fu­el­ing your body with high lev­els of DHA can do won­ders for your health, and your brain in par­tic­u­lar.

With this first-ever com­bi­na­tion, you can flood ev­ery cell in your brain with the world’s most pow­er­ful “nootropic” and get the full range of brain-boost­ing ben­e­fits it has to of­fer.

Where To Find Omega Re­ju­venol

Right now, the only way to get this pow­er­ful one-two punch for a sharp mem­ory and brain-boost­ing ben­e­fits is with Dr. Sears’ break­through Omega Re­ju­venol for­mula.

To se­cure bot­tles of this hot, new nootropic, buy­ers should con­tact the Sears Health Hot­line at 1-888-355-0756 within the next 48 hours. “It takes time to get bot­tles shipped out to drug stores,” said Dr. Sears. “The Hot­line al­lows us to ship the prod­uct di­rectly to the cus­tomer.”

Dr. Sears feels so strongly about this prod­uct, he of­fers a 100%, money-back guar­an­tee on ev­ery or­der. “Just send me back the bot­tle and any un­used prod­uct within 90 days, and I’ll send you your money back,” said Dr. Sears.

The Hot­line will be tak­ing or­ders for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone num­ber will be shut down to al­low them to re­stock.

Call 1-888-355-0756 to se­cure your lim­ited sup­ply of Omega Re­ju­venol. You don’t need a pre­scrip­tion, and those who call in the first 24 hours qual­ify for a sig­nif­i­cant dis­count. To take ad­van­tage of this great of­fer use Promo Code NPORAUG233 when you call in.

Dr. Al Sears with fel­low physi­cian Dr. Oz at the WPBF 25 Health & Well­ness Fes­ti­val held re­cently in Palm Beach Gar­dens, Florida.

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