Trump de­liv­ers to vot­ers, even if they don’t like it

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Dou­ble Cross Don does it again! Thrice now Pres­i­dent Trump has struck a dirty deal with de­vi­ous Democrats, thwart­ing the good gov­er­nance of fel­low Repub­li­cans and be­tray­ing the al­liance of vot­ers who sent him to the White House where they hoped he would just be­have like a good, proper pro­fes­sional Repub­li­can.

No, scratch that. Where they hoped he would main­tain creak­ing par­ti­san grid­lock along the Po­tomac. No, wait. What was the les­son of last year’s elec­tion again?

The swamp has for­got­ten — yet again! — the les­son of last year’s elec­tion. Vot­ers did not elect a con­ser­va­tive. They did not elect a loyal Repub­li­can. They re­jected all the most sea­soned and ex­pe­ri­enced politi­cians in the race. All 20 of them. And 16 of those were Repub­li­cans.

In­stead, vot­ers elected a po­lit­i­cally in­cor­rect, trash-talk­ing, vul­gar, brash pro­fes­sional wrestling char­ac­ter to come to Wash­ing­ton and per­form piledrivers, face­busters, su­plex pow­er­slams, back­break­ers and moon­saults on ev­ery pro politi­cian he could find in the ring. Un­der the ring. Even hid­ing in the stands. And es­pe­cially those hold­ing mi­cro­phones pos­ing as “the me­dia.”

And, boy, Mr. Trump has not dis­ap­pointed! That is not to say that his sup­port­ers want amnesty for il­le­gal im­mi­grants, more gov­ern­ment in­volve­ment in their health care or moun­tains of more debt dumped onto the heads of their chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. But those are the risks vot­ers as­sumed when they sent the non-par­ti­san rag­ing bull into the Po­tomac china shop.

And let’s face it, all the squalling and cat­er­waul­ing from “con­ser­va­tives” in Wash­ing­ton (an oxy­moron if there ever was one!) is get­ting a lit­tle tire­some. Let’s take debt for ex­am­ple.

Mr. Trump struck a deal with Democrats that punted the debt “ceil­ing” to the end of the year. Heresy! Un­prin­ci­pled! Fis­cal sui­cide! Repub­li­cans are spit­ting fu­ri­ous that af­ter six months of hope­lessly try­ing to work with the GOP to pass a more con­ser­va­tive agenda, Mr. Trump has turned to Democrats. And to make such a mock­ery of Repub­li­can’s long, prin­ci­pled fight for fis­cal re­spon­si­bil­ity by punt­ing on the debt “ceil­ing!”

Oh re­ally? What a bunch of smelly, rot­ten snake oil sales­men.

On Jan­uary 3, 1995, when “con­ser­va­tive” Repub­li­cans rode a huge wave to take over both houses of Congress, they be­gan to en­force a debt “ceil­ing” to fi­nally put an end to prof­li­gate gov­ern­ment spend­ing that threat­ened the fu­ture of Amer­ica. That is what they told us.

On that day, the na­tion debt stood at $4.798 tril­lion.

There was a Demo­crat in the White House, but six years later vot­ers would re­place that Demo­crat with a Repub­li­can, Ge­orge W. Bush, who would serve eight years.

By the time Mr. Bush — a Repub­li­can in the “con­ser­va­tive” party — left of­fice, the na­tional debt stood at $10.626 tril­lion, more than dou­bling the debt from the day Repub­li­cans took con­trol of Congress and in­sti­tuted their debt “ceil­ing.”

That $5.8 tril­lion stolen from our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren paid for two wars, tax cuts with­out spend­ing cuts, Hur­ri­cane Ka­t­rina and Medi­care Part D, the largest ex­pan­sion of an ex­ist­ing en­ti­tle­ment pro­gram in U.S. his­tory.

So much for a debt “ceil­ing.”

It was more like a debt “smoke ma­chine.” Or a debt “hot air bal­loon.” Or maybe a debt “hy­dro­gen bomb.”

And now th­ese scoundrels slink around shriek­ing and shriv­el­ing up be­cause Mr. Trump made a dirty lit­tle deal with Democrats and ru­ined their se­cret sa­cred weapon, the debt “ceil­ing.”

Give me a break. Th­ese peo­ple are lucky they aren’t get­ting locked up. If you put that up for a vote, it would win both the pop­u­lar vote and the Elec­toral Col­lege.

Any­way, the real rea­son th­ese swamp ver­min are so up­set with Mr. Trump is not that he threat­ens to dump tril­lions more in debt on our chil­dren. Rather, they are only up­set be­cause in do­ing so, he cre­ated a po­lit­i­cally awk­ward sit­u­a­tion for them.

See, they wanted a so­lu­tion that al­lowed them to kick the debt “ceil­ing” can way down the road. You know, past the next elec­tion, which is the only thing any­body around here ac­tu­ally cares about.

Now Repub­li­cans face an­other hu­mil­i­at­ing game of chicken over their debt “ceil­ing” ver­sus shut­ting down the gov­ern­ment just as they are all kick­ing off their re-elec­tion cam­paigns. And ev­ery time, it is Repub­li­cans who start cluck­ing like chick­ens and the poor in­no­cent tax­pay­ing tur­keys who get stuck with the bill.

It is the op­po­site of “Ho­tel Cal­i­for­nia.” You can­not check in, but you never stop pay­ing the bill.

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