Sta­tus quo good for politi­cians

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In sim­ple terms, here is the rea­son noth­ing ever gets done with politi­cians: Ev­ery politi­cian runs for of­fice on a plat­form of fixing all that’s wrong, but if they fix those prob­lems, what will they have to run on the next time?

Thus there is no mo­ti­va­tion for them to do the right thing. There is only mo­ti­va­tion for them to keep say­ing they will fix it if they get a chance. It’s like re­search. If you ac­tu­ally find the an­swer, you will no longer have a job.

So where is the mo­ti­va­tion of any­one in Wash­ing­ton to ac­tu­ally fix a prob­lem? You can’t take do­na­tions for a prob­lem solved, and you can’t ask peo­ple for do­na­tions so you can get re-elected if you have fixed the prob­lems.

This is a sad re­al­ity that we all must ac­cept. It’s the rea­son noth­ing ever gets done in Wash­ing­ton.

MICHAEL KRIKORIAN Pleasan­ton, Calif.

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