Trump is con­fronting China

The Washington Times Daily - - WORLD - By L. Tood Wood

There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a bet­ter word, in to­day’s in­for­ma­tion-cul­ture wars prop­a­gated in our cor­rupt main­stream me­dia. Here are a few: Na­tion­al­ism is not racism, ad­her­ence to prin­ci­ples is not hate, mas­culin­ity is not toxic and there are only two sexes.

How­ever, there are ob­vi­ous truths in geopol­i­tics as well. Chief among these is the fact that stand­ing up to tyranny is not an at­tempt to main­tain “unipo­lar world” or “dom­i­nance.”

Here are a few facts. The South China Sea is an in­ter­na­tional wa­ter­way that a large part of the world re­lies on for com­merce. There are treaties that China has signed to pro­tect right of pas­sage in that area. How­ever, China has de­cided to mil­i­ta­rize it and seize that re­gion of the world for it­self.

The United States will stand up for these rights of pas­sage. The United States will stand up for our ally, Tai­wan. These two facts have noth­ing to do with an “ag­gres­sive” United States that wants to take over the world.

China wants to take over and be dom­i­nant in the world, not Amer­ica.

Michael Pills­bury, in his eye-open­ing book “The Hun­dred-Year Marathon: China’s Se­cret Strat­egy,” talks of China’s long-term strat­egy to achieve dom­i­nance over the West. “‘The Hun­dred-Year Marathon’ re­veals China’s se­cret strat­egy to sup­plant the United States as the world’s dom­i­nant power, and to do so by 2049, the one-hun­dredth an­niver­sary of the found­ing of the Peo­ple’s Repub­lic,” reads the in­tro. He also dis­cusses in­depth the de­ceit and treach­ery China has used to achieve its goals in its re­la­tions with the United States over the decades.

Pres­i­dent Trump is the first Amer­i­can pres­i­dent to get this ob­vi­ous fact, and has de­cided to con­front China. He is the first pres­i­dent to use the full weight of Amer­i­can power to achieve this end — eco­nomic, mil­i­tary and po­lit­i­cal — to level the play­ing field with Bei­jing, to stop China from cheat­ing on trade, forc­ing tech­nol­ogy trans­fers and steal­ing in­tel­lec­tual prop­erty from Amer­i­can com­pa­nies.

China signed trade agree­ments, and en­tered the World Trade Or­ga­ni­za­tion, only to cheat.

Mr. Trump is call­ing them out. That is not an at­tempt at Amer­i­can dom­i­nance; it is pro­tect­ing Amer­i­can in­ter­ests and na­tional se­cu­rity.

The Krem­lin has also com­pletely em­braced the new in­for­ma­tion hy­brid war­fare. Rus­sian gen­er­als have openly dis­cussed us­ing dis­in­for­ma­tion as the van­guard to ki­netic con­flict.

Moscow has also signed agree­ments, like the INF treaty, the Chem­i­cal War­fare treaty and a prom­ise to pro­tect Ukraine’s in­tegrity. They have bro­ken all of them.

Mr. Trump stand­ing up to Rus­sian de­ceit is not an at­tempt at world dom­i­nance ei­ther; it is pro­tect­ing Amer­i­can na­tional se­cu­rity.

As far as a nu­clear war goes; Rus­sia does not have the con­ven­tional forces to match the U.S. in a sus­tained con­flict out­side its borders. No one be­lieves NATO is go­ing to in­vade the Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion. The only card Moscow has to play there­fore is the nu­clear card, which it has be­gun to play of­ten, to main­tain its promi­nence on the world stage.

We are not go­ing to have a nu­clear war. It was pos­si­ble un­der Pres­i­dent Obama as he was so weak. How­ever, Mr. Trump is rapidly re­build­ing our armed forces af­ter the Obama ca­pit­u­la­tion. He is fo­cus­ing on mod­ern­iz­ing our nu­clear de­ter­rent.

China and Rus­sia have al­ready mil­i­ta­rized space. Amer­ica pro­tect­ing it­self in this arena is again, not an agenda of world dom­i­nance; it is pro­tect­ing Amer­i­can na­tional se­cu­rity.

The one thing I do agree with my Ed Lozan­sky on is NATO en­large­ment. I have writ­ten about this sub­ject on these pages. Push­ing the al­liance to Rus­sia’s borders is mad­ness and serves no pur­pose but to give Pres­i­dent Putin an enemy for po­lit­i­cal use.

No, Pres­i­dent Trump doesn’t need to or will play the “China Card” in an at­tempt to split Moscow and Bei­jing. How­ever, he can, and will, con­tinue to con­front China in its at­tempt to dom­i­nate the world eco­nom­i­cally and mil­i­tar­ily. That does not mean to say he is reck­less; he sim­ply will put Amer­ica’s in­ter­ests first.

The world is sim­ply get­ting used to this new, real, “re­set.”

Thank God for Don­ald J. Trump.

L. Todd Wood is a for­mer spe­cial op­er­a­tions he­li­copter pilot and Wall Street debt trader, and has con­trib­uted to Fox Busi­ness, The Moscow Times, Na­tional Re­view, The New York Post and many other pub­li­ca­tions.

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