‘Pain in the neck’

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Guest blog­ger Karol Sheinin has some choice words at michelle­malkin.com for Howard Dean’s choice of words to re­fer to de­posed Iraqi dic­ta­tor Sad­dam Hus­sein. Mr. Dean, the chair­man of the Demo­cratic Na­tional Com­mit­tee, was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Aug. 13 and, Miss Sheinin notes, re­ferred to Sad­dam as “a pain in the neck.”

“The truth was, we were con­trol­ling Sad­dam Hus­sein’s air space; he had no air force, he had lit­tle army; Sad­dam Hus­sein was a pain in the neck and a bad per­son, but the fact [is] that there are a lot of pains in the neck and bad peo­ple in this world,” Mr. Dean said.

But Miss Sheinin writes that “A ‘pain in the neck’ is what par­ents call their kids when they won’t stop whin­ing for ice cream, what you call your boss when he gives you work at 5 p.m. on a Fri­day, and how you re­fer to the um­pire that gave your team a bad call. It’s not re­ally tough enough for a dic­ta­to­rial mass mur­derer.”

“Dean’s com­ments are just more proof that Democrats re­ally, truly, wholly don’t get it,” Miss Sheinin con­tin­ues. “Sad­dam Hus­sein in­vaded two sov­er­eign coun­tries, bru­tally mur­dered the Kurds, his thug sons raped women and young girls, cut off limbs, slaugh­tered whole fam­i­lies, built pris­ons for chil­dren and rained down pain and de­struc­tion on the peo­ple of Iraq like Howard Dean can not pos­si­bly imag­ine. [. . .] I can’t wait for Dean’s state­ment that Mah­moud Ah­madine­jad is such a jerky face and that Kim Jong-il is so, like, an­noy­ing.”

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