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“As for the re­marks [Mel]Gib­son made while in­tox­i­cated, an­cient Jewish wis­dom in­forms us that one way we can know what a per­son is re­ally like is by how he be­haves when he is drunk. From this, we can safely as­sume that Mel Gib­son doesn’t think much of Jews. [. . .]

“If Gib­son never makes an­other film, he will still be able to buy gas for his Lexus. He is not a politi­cian try­ing to win an elec­tion af­ter an im­pru­dent re­mark, like Ge­or­gia state Rep. Billy McKin­ney, who blamed ‘J-E-W-S’ af­ter his daugh­ter, U.S. Rep. Cyn­thia McKin­ney, was de­feated in a con­gres­sional pri­mary in 2002.

“By the way, there was vir­tu­ally no Jewish crit­i­cism of that re­mark for which there was lit­tle apol­ogy and which was not made while Billy was drunk. More cyn­i­cal ob­servers than I sug­gest it might have some­thing to do with the McKin­neys be­ing Democrats. [. . .]

“Film maker and Demo­cratic pro­pa­gan­dist Michael Moore has made the most pre­pos­ter­ous state­ments about Is­rael for whichhe has never apol­o­gized and for which the Jewish com­mu­nity has never crit­i­cized him. [. . .] Yet, Gib­son pub­licly apol­o­gized and the Jewish re­sponse was so be­yond un­gra­cious that one must ask what ex­actly would Gib­son have had to do or say in or­der to win Jewish ab­so­lu­tion? [. . .] Fur­ther­more one would have to askwhy­woul­danyra­m­pant bigot even bother to do this? [. . .] I haven’t heard any apolo­gies from Mah­moud Ah­madine­jad.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, writ­ing on “Mel Gib­son and Me,” Aug. 1 in To­ward Tra­di­tion at­ward­tra­di­

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