War at­ti­tudes

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Roughly speak­ing, there are four lev­els of Amer­i­can at­ti­tudes to­wardthe rad­i­cal Is­lamic threat to the West and its tra­di­tional faith­based cul­ture. All four ex­isted com­pa­ra­bly in World War II.

Lev­el­one:An­i­mos­i­ty­to­wardAmer­i­caandthe West, ex­tend­ing to out­right treach­ery. Be­lief that we are the colo­nial­ist cause of the ji­had.

Level two: De­nial of the im­por­tance of the threat, de­spite 9/11, the re­cent foiled plot and other se­ri­ous at­tacks against us abroad and against other West­ern na­tions. Claims that Pres­i­den­tBush­hyped it to­gain po­lit­i­cal power and in­vaded Iraq for oil.

Level three: Iso­la­tion­ist con­cern only for our­se­cu­rity,de­nialthatwe­haveas­t­ake­in­stop­ping the Is­lamo-fas­cist con­quest of Europe and, even­tu­ally, the world. (Hitler had sim­i­lar aims, and there wasa sim­i­lar re­luc­tance to ac­knowl­edge them and op­pose them.)

Level four: Aware­ness of the true en­com­pass­ing­na­ture­of­thethreat.Afewvoic­ess­peak out ur­gently — Pres­i­dent Bush, Sen. JohnMcCain,RudyGi­u­liani,TonyBlair—but­many­lose their fo­cus and sense of ur­gency when things, as usual, go wrong. This was true of all of our past wars. Robert Greer Cohn Menlo Park, Cal­i­for­nia

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