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Since I re­ceived my first “chew­ing out” for open­ing the door for a wo­man, clear back in 1970, I have been un­able to un­der­stand why men have al­lowed them­selves to be sucked into this silly drama. Women don’t want equal­ity – they want an edge.

Put women in the mil­i­tary. Put them on the front lines and let them lose their legs, arms, ears, feet, fin­gers and hands just like our men do. As long as we cod­dle the is­sue women get what they want. All the mil­i­tary ben­e­fits and no ex­po­sure to the mil­i­tary re­al­ity of com­bat. And the over­rid­ing coup de grace? Women get to pre­tend they want to be equal while the men con­tinue to do all the dy­ing and con­tinue to lose all the limbs.

Put them out there. A few women in black body bags or a few shred­ded and scarred fe­male com­bat sol­diers will fix the prob­lem. If maim­ing and death are made a re­al­ity of their life, all but a few “good women” will avoid even the men­tion that they are en­ti­tled to equal­ity in the mil­i­tary. Pa­trick Weir Chatsworth, Cal­i­for­nia

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