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Den­nis Prager’s ar­ti­cle “Five non-re­li­gious ar­gu­ments for mar­riage” (Oct. 9 edi­tion) was ex­cel­lent and one with which I com­pletely agree. I would like to be so bold as to add some­thing­tothe“why”of­points­fourand­five. Point four de­scribed how mar­riage is viewed by fam­ily and friends as prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant event in one’s life. The fifth point re­lates how the mar­riage trans­forms the cou­ple into mem­bers of two fam­i­lies. Why do all of your fam­ily and friends at­tend the grand event? To ap­prove of your sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion and to wish you a great sex life? Why do the fam­i­lies care that you are now a part? Just to get more Christ­mas cards?

Friends, fam­ily and so­ci­ety at large care about a mar­riage be­cause it, usu­ally, means a union that will pro­duce that in­de­spen­si­ble prod­uct for the preser­va­tion of fam­ily and, yes, so­ci­ety it­self — chil­dren. That is what mar­riage is all about — chil­dren. This fact seems to have been sadly ne­glected in the past sev­eral decades. Mar­riage is now all about what the adults want in the way of self­grat­i­fi­ca­tion. For cen­turies mankind has con­structed all kinds of de­vices to pro­tect, en­cour­age and strengthen fam­i­lies. In less than 50 years, we have weak­ened or de­stroyed many of th­ese de­vices. The sanc­tity of mar­riage, de­fined as the union of a man and a wo­man (the only com­bi­na­tion that can pro­duce a child) is the de­vice that de­serves the most pro­tec­tion from all of us. Gay or straight, mar­ried or sin­gle, we are all in this to­gether. If that magic 2.1 ba­bies per cou­ple slips too much, we are all headed for the so­ci­etal death spi­ral that is rapidly claim­ing West­ern Europe.

All of us should work to­gether to keep mar­riage the sole and sa­cred prov­ince of those coura­geous­folk­swhoin­tend­to­havechil­dren. The rest of us should be con­tent with a civil union­thatbestowsallofthele­gal­ben­e­fit­sthat per­tain­tothecom­mit­ted­butchild­freecou­ple.

In the mean­time, the next time you see a woman­tow­ingth­ree­or­morekid­saroundthe gro­cery­s­tore,stopandthankher;she’sadding that elu­sive 0.1 baby that oth­ers have missed. R.E. Was­son Cu­per­tino, Cal­i­for­nia

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