‘Lost their soul’

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Don’t ap­plaud Democrats too loudly for be­ing able to take back the House­and­per­hap­s­theSe­nate.Capi­tolHill,af­ter­all,wasvir­tu­al­ly­handed to them.

“While some will say that the D’s achieved a man­date, I think a fairly good­case­canbe­made­thatthestory ofElec­tion2006is­more­about­poorly led House Repub­li­cans los­ing than Democratswin­ning,”writesNa­tional Tax­pay­ers Union Pres­i­dent John Berthoud, who also doesn’t dis­miss the long­time trend of the ma­jor­ity party los­ing seats in Congress in the sixth year of a pres­i­dency.

“But that’s a small part of the story,” he says. “The Repub­li­cans had­in­cred­i­bleamountsof­bag­gage.”

He cites the names of sev­eral dis­graced­former­con­gress­me­nan­dothers “hang­ing around the necks” of Repub­li­can can­di­dates and in­cum­bents—MarkFo­ley,BobNey,Randy “Duke” Cun­ning­ham and Tom De­Lay—not­to­for­get­former­lob­by­ist Jack Abramoff.

“Beyondthe­sein­di­vid­u­alchar­ac­ters,thep­ar­ty­often­pros­ti­tute­d­it­self to­cor­po­ratein­ter­ests,”Mr.Berthoud adds. “In the process of pleas­ing their cor­po­rate friends, the House Repub­li­cans lost their soul [. . .] and their base.”

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