‘Un­cov­ered meat’

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“[T]he Mufti of Aus­tralia, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hi­lali [. . .] re­cently sparked an in­ter­na­tional stir by pro­nounc­ing that women who do not veil them­selves, and al­low them­selves to be ‘un­cov­ered meat,’ are at fault if they are raped.

“This is noth­ing new, of course, and it is some­what mys­te­ri­ous why the Sheik’s com­ments have caused any shock at all, since his view is le­git­imized by var­i­ous Is­lamic texts and nu­mer­ous so­cial and le­gal Is­lamic struc­tures. [. . .]

“The West’s left­ist fem­i­nists are re­spond­ing with an ap­a­thetic heart­less­ness and deaf­en­ing si­lence. [. . .]

“It has long been ev­i­dent that West­ern left­ist fem­i­nists couldn’t care less about real ac­tual breath­ing women; they care only about their ide­o­log­i­cal be­liefs. For them, the vic­tims of Mus­lim rape can be eas­ily forgotten and dis­missed — for the pur­suit of their ul­ti­mate goal: to aid and abet the West’s to­tal­i­tar­ian en­e­mies and to wreak the de­struc­tion of their own free so­ci­eties which be­stow the indi- vid­ual lib­er­ties and rights that they de­spise and ab­hor.”

Jamie Gla­zov, writ­ing on “Mus­lim Rape, Fem­i­nist Si­lence,” Nov. 1 in Front Page at www.front­pagemag.com

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