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The ar­ti­cle by Jen­nifer Harper en­ti­tled “Sur­vey: Par­ents give col­lege costs short shrift” (Oct. 23 edi­tion), should have been ti­tled “Par­ents give col­leges short shrift.”

At least in my case, the big is­sue was not the money, al­though col­lege costs have got­ten in­sanely high. I told my three chil­dren not to go to col­lege be­cause of what col­leges are teach­ing. When I went to col­lege in the 1960s, I had a few pro­fes­sor­swhode­lib­er­ate­lytried­top­er­vertme. Onetried­to­get­mein­volved­in­pornog­ra­phyand im­moral­ity. One tried to get me to be­lieve that the uni­verse cre­ated it­self and that life spon­ta­neous­ly­gen­er­at­ed­frompond­scum.Onepub­licly laughe­dat­meformy­be­liefinGo­dandHis­laws, and be­lit­tled my faith in front of the class. And one seemed de­ter­mined to get me to hate my coun­try and its his­tory. That was the 1960s.

Well, look at col­leges now! The few good pri­vate­col­lege­sare­tooex­pen­sive­to­even­con­sider. Allthes­tate­col­lege­sare­to­tal­ly­commit­ted­tode­stroy­ing the faith and morals of ev­ery stu­dent. Do you think I want to risk my chil­dren in any ofthem?In­stead­o­fa­sur­vey­on­col­lege­costs,how about do­ing a sur­vey on how many good Chris­tian kids go­ing to col­lege wind up los­ing their faith, their morals, and their good con­ser­va­tive fam­ily val­ues, and end up flam­ing lib­er­als who ha­teev­ery­thin­gour­coun­try­s­tands­forand­don’t even­knowwha­tour­coun­try­was­found­edupon. Paul Lind­berg Ren­ton, Wash­ing­ton

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