An abor­tion story the main­stream me­dia isn’t re­port­ing

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There is some­thing ter­ri­ble go­ing on in Kansas, and you should know about it. A doc­tor named Ge­orge Tiller is per­form­ing hun­dreds, per­haps thou­sands, of late-term abor­tions us­ing a variety of med­i­cal rea­sons, in­clud­ing a mother’s de­pres­sion.

In Kansas, there is a men­tal health ex­cep­tion that al­lows an abor­tion­ist to ter­mi­nate a fe­tus at any time up un­til birth. The ex­cep­tion is vague, and so is Tiller’s oft-used de­pres­sion di­ag­no­sis, ac­cord­ing to doc­u­ments cur­rently un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion by Kansas au­thor­i­ties. So the deal is this: If you want to walk away from your preg­nancy at any time, just con­tact Dr. Tiller; he’ll help you out.

But only if you have at least $5,000. The doc­tor, known as “Tiller the baby killer” among some peo­ple who ob­ject to his prac­tice, lays it all out on his web­site. He’ll ter­mi­nate your baby, and even cre­mate it for you if you wish. He’s one-stop shop­ping.

Ac­cord­ing to pub­lished re­ports, Tiller injects the fe­tus with poi­son while in the womb, re­moves it and dis­poses of the body. While it’s true that some­times a mother’s health is se­verely im­pacted in late term, most doc­tors agree this is rare. Ba­bies can now live af­ter 22 weeks when re­moved by C-sec- tion. Late-term abor­tions are al­most never nec­es­sary.

Un­less the mother wants out, that is. And that’s what some peo­ple be­lieve Tiller is do­ing: ter­mi­nat­ing vi­able, healthy ba­bies be­cause the mother sim­ply doesn’t want the child. While the Amer­i­can me­dia wails about al­leged hu­man rights vi­o­la­tions at Guan­tanamo Bay, cham­pi­ons fe­tal stem cell re­search in the name of com­pas­sion, and hollers aplenty at the atroc­i­ties in Dar­fur, the press is largely ig­nor­ing the Tiller story, with the ex­cep­tion of the Los An­ge­les Times. It has glo­ri­fied Tiller.

An ar­ti­cle by Times re­porter Stephanie Si­mon fo­cused on Tiller ter­mi­nat­ing ba­bies who are se­ri­ously ill. Ms. Si­mon makes no men­tion of the “de­pres­sion” fac­tor. She does, how­ever, re­port that Tiller is abort­ing Down Syn­drome ba­bies, which, when you think about it, is kind of chill­ing.

Ge­orge Tiller could not do what he’s do­ing in ul­tra-lib­eral France or even in per­mis­sive Hol­land. In France, a baby can- not be aborted af­ter 12 weeks un­less two doc­tors cer­tify a wo­man’s phys­i­cal health is en­dan­gered or the fe­tus has a se­ri­ous ab­nor­mal­ity.

In the Nether­lands, abor­tion is pro­hib­ited at all times once the baby is vi­able out­side the mother’s womb.

But in Kansas, if the mom is feel­ing a bit blue on Tues­day and car­ries a cer­ti­fied check, Dr. Tiller is will­ing and able to ter­mi­nate the baby. Is this what the Found­ing Fa­thers had in mind when they cre­ated the Con­sti­tu­tion?

I don’t think so, but the sec­u­lar press dis­agrees. Just last week The New York Times, whose edi­to­rial writ­ers wor­ship at the al­tar of abor­tion, called the in­ves­ti­ga­tion into Tiller’s grue­some prac­tice a “gross as­sault on pri­vacy and le­gal rights [. . .]” You see, to the Times’ edi­to­rial board, no baby in the womb de­serves any pro­tec­tion at any time. It’s all un­der the sec­u­lar pro­gres­sive ban­ner of “re­pro­duc­tive rights.”

But even the sec­u­lar­ists who run France and Hol­land are not that mil­i­tant. It is hard to be­lieve that ba­bies have more pro­tec­tions in Paris and Am­s­ter­dam than they do in Wi­chita, Kans. But that’s the truth.

Bill O’Reilly is a na­tion­ally syn­di­cated colum­nist.

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