U.S. Air­ways made an in­tel­li­gent move

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On Nov. 23, the As­so­ci­ated Press re­ported: “Mus­lim cler­ics taken off flight call for boy­cott of U.S. Air­ways.” Six Is­lamist imams, all Ara­bic males,three­with­one-wayt­ick­et­sand­nochecked bag­gage.What­pre­cious­lit­tle(though­solid­lyjus­ti­fied)pro­fil­in­go­fair­trav­el­ers(as­re­luc­tantlyap­proved, even de­spite the usual Kennedy-PelosiKerry-Schumer-Ran­gel-Bi­den protest) is “tol­er­ated” was im­me­di­ately de­nounced by the Amer­i­canIs­lam­icRe­la­tion­sCoun­cilata­rau­cous press­con­fer­en­ceinPhoenix,be­fore­theoblig­ing, glee­ful cam­eras of CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. TheIs­lam­icCoun­cil­leader,OmarShakin,wailed about be­ing hu­mil­i­ated be­cause some of the imams were bad-mouthing Amer­ica’s anti-ter­ror­is­t­ef­fortsinIraqbe­fore­they­w­ere­booted­off the air­liner by its cap­tain. I won­der how hu­mil­i­ated Omar felt on 9/11, 7/17 and other sim­i­lar Is­lamist “tri­umphs.” The screech­ing of th­ese “wronged”Mus­lim­cler­ic­sre­ver­ber­ateloudlyall over the world. Air­line pas­sen­ger re­jec­tions suchas­the­seoc­cur­dai­lyallover­the­world,even hourly,atno-non­senseIs­raeli­air­ports,where­hi­jack­ings by Mus­lims are non-ex­is­tent.

Be­cause of ac­tions such as what oc­curred in Min­neapo­lis on Nov. 21, may I sug­gest that all free-world se­cu­rity or­ga­ni­za­tions take no­tice of Is­lam’s re­ac­tion to this in­ci­dent. If, as a re­sult of such ef­fec­tive, con­crete pro­fil­ing mea­sures, a self-im­posed boy­cott of our air­lines by all Mus­lims them­selves should oc­cur, the Mus­lims would have in­stantly solved our worst se­cu­rity prob­lems. Should any apos­tate Mus­lim at­tempt to­by­pass­theirown­boy­cottand“fly­Amer­i­can,” theusu­alse­cu­ri­typer­son­nel­could­prompt­lyre­mind them of their no-fly boy­cott.

Won­der­howwemighte­vokeasim­i­lar­boy­cott forMus­lim­sonour­train­sand­bus­esaswell.And whilewe’reatit,howabout­their­im­mi­gra­tiontoo. Richard Bow­ers Sara­sota, Florida

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