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“Democrats whomped Repub­li­cans in last month’s midterms, but oddly enough they’re still call­ing in the le­gal cavalry to con­test one of the few races they nar­rowly lost,” the Wall Street Jour­nal says in an edi­to­rial.

“That­would­beFlorida’s13thCon­gres­sion­alDistrict,whichrun­sa­long the Gulf Coast from just south of Tampa to just north of Fort My­ers. The cer­ti­fied win­ner is Repub­li­can VernBuchanan,whobeat­Demo­crat ChristineJen­nings­byfew­erthan400 votes out of more than 237,000 cast. Twore­counts,which­w­ere­de­manded by Democrats and re­quired by law, have re­con­firmed Mr. Buchanan’s vic­tory and slightly in­creased the mar­gin,” the news­pa­per said.

“Un­bowed,theDem­sarenow­sug­gest­ing that de­fec­tive vot­ing ma­chi­nescost­themther­ace.They­point to Sara­sota County’s 18,000 ‘un­der­votes,’ or in­ci­dences where vot­ers cast bal­lots in other races but not the Buchanan-Jen­ningscon­test.Ms.Jen­nings — along with such lib­eral par­ti­sans as Peo­ple for the Amer­i­can WayandtheAmer­i­canCivilLib­er­ties Union — has filed a law­suit con­test­ing the re­sults based on ‘sta­tis­ti­cal and eye­wit­ness ev­i­dence of sig­nif­i­cant ma­chine mal­func­tions’ in Sara­sota’siVotron­ic­touch-screen­sys­tem.

“They­wan­ta­court­tode­clareMs. Jen­nings­thewin­nerby—get­this— us­ingsta­tis­ti­calmod­el­stoex­trap­o­late that­she­would­havere­ceived­mostof the un­der­votes. Short of that, they’ll set­tle­for­nul­li­fy­ingth­eNovem­ber­re­sults and hold­ing a new elec­tion. But among the many things that are strange here is that if any­one ought to­be­com­plain­ingaboutun­der­votes, it’s the GOP. Sara­sota is the largest and most Repub­li­can county in the dis­trict, yet the Demo­crat, Ms. Jen­nings, car­ried it hand­ily. In fact, it’s theon­ly­coun­tyinthedis­trict­that­she did­carry,which­make­sit­more­likely thatit­wasRepub­li­can­swhode­clined tovoteintheCon­gres­sion­al­race,not Democrats.”

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