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“There is pro­found self-de­cep­tion at work in peo­ple who lux­u­ri­ate in the fruits of worldly suc­cess while dis­dain­ing the per­sonal habits and cul­tural con­di­tions that make such suc­cess pos­si­ble. There is also a strangely hid­den com­pul­sion be­hind the need for such con­dem­na­tion. The flour­ish­ing of var­i­ous forms of ‘po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness’ shows that the ‘shame cul­ture,’ far from be­ing dead, is alive and well, even if it has been shoved down into the realm of un­con­scious­ness, since it can’t be ac­knowl­edged as such by those who fancy them­selves to be liv­ing be­yond all such atavisms.

“Yet some­how even the most in­con­gru­ous so­cial con­ven­tions can take hold for a time. And in our era, the con­junc­tion of a du­ti­ful oth­erdi­rect­ed­ness with a du­ti­ful re­bel­lious­ness seems, by now, so en­trenched and com­mon­place as to be al­most nat­u­ral. Its ex­is­tence makes it very chal­leng­ing to be truly coun­ter­cul­tural, if one is of a mind to be.”

— Wil­fred M. McClay, writ­ing on “Over the Coun­ter­cul­ture,” in the Oc­to­ber is­sue of Touch­stone

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