Fall­ing in love

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“We are get­ting very ex­cited,” Peggy Noo­nan writes at www.Opin­ionJour­nal.com.

“Barack Obama is bril­liant, elo­quent and fresh. He is ‘ex­cit­ing’ (David Brooks), ‘charm­ing’ (Bob Schi­ef­fer), ‘my fa­vorite guy’ (Oprah Win­frey), has ‘charisma’ (Donna Brazile), and should run now for pres­i­dent (Ge­orge Will). Our po­lit­i­cal and me­dia es­tab­lish­ments, on the re­bound from bad his­tory, are sound­ing like Mar­lene Di­et­rich in her lit­tle top hat. ‘Fall­ing in luff again, vot am I to do, vot am I to do, kont hel­l­l­l­llp eet.’

“Well, down from your tippy toes, es­tab­lish­ment,” Miss Noo­nan said.

“He is ob­vi­ously plan­ning to run. This [past] week he was in New Hamp­shire — rap­tur­ous re­views, sold-out fundrais­ers — and be­fore that, Iowa. His sec­ond book is his sec­ond best-seller and the big­gest-sell­ing non­fic­tion ti­tle in the na­tion. The in­tro he taped for ‘Mon­day Night Foot­ball’ — in an Aaron Sorkin-like set­ting of gleam­ing desk and im­por­tant light­ing — showed he is an ac­tor who can ab­sorb the script and knows by na­ture what a cam­era is. This is a com­pli­ment. All the great pres­i­dents of the me­dia age, FDR, JFK and Rea­gan, were great ac­tors of the pres­i­dency. (The one non-great pres­i­dent who was their equal in this, Bill Clin­ton, proved that act­ing is not enough.)

“He has ob­vi­ous ap­peal. I asked a Young Demo­crat col­lege stu­dent why he liked him. Af­ter all, I said, he has lit­tle ex­pe­ri­ence. That’s part of what I like, he said. ‘He’s not an in­sider, he’s not just a D.C. politi­cian.’

“He is un­com­pro­mised by a past, it is true. He is also un­bur­dened by a record, un­worn by achieve­ment, un­wea­ried by long labors. [. . .]

“Sen. Obama spent his short life­time breath­ing in the com­mon lib­eral/left­ist wis­dom, which he ex­hales at length. This is not some­thing new — it’s some­thing old in a new pack­age. And it is some­thing that wins you what he has, a se­ries of 100 per­cent rat­ings from left-lib­eral in­ter­est groups.”

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