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“Men will laugh at al­most any- thing, of­ten pre­cisely be­cause it is — or they are — ex­tremely stupid. Women aren’t like that. [. . .]

“Hu­mor, if we are to be se­ri­ous about it, arises from the in­eluctable fact that we are all born into a los­ing strug­gle. Those who risk agony and death to bring chil­dren into this fi­asco sim­ply can’t af­ford to be too friv­o­lous. [. . .] I am cer­tain that this is also partly why, in all cul­tures, it is fe­males who are the rank-and-file main­stay of re­li­gion, which in turn is the of­fi­cial en­emy of all hu­mor. [. . .]

“For men, it is a tragedy that the two things they prize the most — women and hu­mor — should be so an­ti­thet­i­cal. But with­out tragedy, there could be no com­edy. My beloved said to me, when I told her I was go­ing to have to ad­dress this melan­choly topic, that I should cheer up be­cause ‘women get fun­nier as they get older.’

“Ob­ser­va­tion sug­gests to me that this might in­deed be true, but, ex­cuse me, isn’t that rather a long time to have to wait?”

Christo­pher Hitchens, writ­ing on “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” in the Jan­uary is­sue of Van­ity Fair

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