Amer­ica has lost its faith, fight­ing spirit

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Dare I say that we have lost the war in Iraq? Blam­ing the Democrats or the con­stant drip, drip, drip of bad news by the lib­eral me­dia is too easy. It is more com­pli­cated than this.

What­ever the rea­son, we now find our­selves stuck in the mud by the be­lief that seems to say the war in Iraq is no longer worth win­ning.

But why must the Democrats and the talk­ing heads on TV slob­ber all over them­selves in their glee? Would they have us lose a war to de­stroy a pres­i­dent? This is a recipe for mad­ness.

The storm clouds of war are com­ing to Amer­ica, and we have lost our way. Where is our fight­ing spirit? Where is our bold­ness? Where is the courage and faith that forged a great na­tion.

We have gone soft in the head. A cul­ture of moral an­ar­chy is de­stroy­ing our clar­ity of thought. We are, as it were, stick­ing our heads in the sand. We are clue­less to a dark fore­bod­ing that tells me a sav­age at­tack on Amer­ica awaits our fu­ture if we cut and run in Iraq.

Our only hope then it in a great spiri- tual awak­en­ing, brought about by such an at­tack so bru­tal that it will shake this na­tion to its very foun­da­tions.

The Amer­i­can flag will then fly from ev­ery flag­pole, over­pass, barn, home, hill­side and sky­scraper. Our churches will be over­flow­ing with peo­ple who have come to pray and seek sal­va­tion. And out of the ashes of war will arise a new na­tion, a God-fear­ing peo­ple who will once again face the fu­ture with a great courage. For, you see, spir­i­tual faith brings with it great courage — a pre­cious, de­mand­ing com­mod­ity to all who love free­dom.

Our fu­ture lead­ers are, as it were, even now be­ing tested in the re­fin­ing fires of Iraq.

This is the only good I see from los­ing the war; that it is pre­par­ing lead­ers for a much more dan­ger­ous time down the road. This is a high price to pay for los­ing the war in Iraq. But pay it we must, for we have lost our way. Bob Bearss Cole­man, Michi­gan

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