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Our gov­ern­ment is made up of three branches with equal but sep­a­rate author­ity. This is how it must be for us (the cit­i­zens) of this great land to en­joy the priv­i­leges and the rights that the Con­sti­tu­tion grants us. Gov­ern­ment in­ter­ven­tion in the Bill of Rights is not wel­come.

It seems to me that all three branches of gov­ern­ment have done their best to in­ter­vene il­le­gally with the Bill of Rights.

The pres­i­dent has mod­i­fied each bill that he has signed into law if he did not ap­prove of its con­tent. This is leg­is­lat­ing from the Oval Of­fice.

Mean­while, the ju­di­ciary has been fla­grantly leg­is­lat­ing from the bench. Since there are more of them, they have prac­ti­cally vi­o­lated the en­tire Bill of Rights.

The Congress’s hand in all of this has been to stand by and do noth­ing to pre­vent such vi­o­la­tions. Our fore­fa­thers had the fore­sight to give Congress author­ity to pre­vent this il­le­gal ac­tiv­ity un­der Ar­ti­cle III, Sec­tion 2 of the Con­sti­tu­tion. They chose to con­cen­trate on more triv­ial mat­ters.

The Con­sti­tu­tion is the supreme law of the land. Since noth­ing has been pro­posed to change it, I feel that opin­ions like “have Con­gresstake­mea­suresto­pro­tect­prop­er­tyrights” arenot­nec­es­sary.TheCon­sti­tu­tion­still­stands to pro­tect all rights as noth­ing has been done to re­peal it. Pro­nounce­ments by any of the ju­di­ciary can­not over­rule the supreme law. Dean L. Carter Walterboro, South Carolina

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