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The first Mus­lim elected to Congress told a cheer­ing crowd of Mus­lims in Dear­born, Mich., on Dec. 24 that they should re­main stead­fast in their­faithand­push­for­jus­tice,theDetroit Free Press re­ports.

“You can’t back down. You can’t chicke­nout.You­can’tbeafraid.You’ve got to have faith in Al­lah, and you’ve got­to­standu­pand­beare­alMus­lim,” Detroit na­tive Keith El­li­son said to loud ap­plause.

Manyinthe­crow­dreplied“Al­lahu ak­bar” — “God is great.”

Mr. El­li­son, a Min­nesota Demo­crat elected to the U.S. House in Novem­ber,has­been­the­cen­tero­fa­na­tional de­bate in re­cent weeks over Is­lam and its role in pol­i­tics. Mr. El­li­son has said he would take his oath of of­fice on the Ko­ran, the Mus­lim holy book, draw­ing crit­i­cism from some com­men­ta­tors.

ButMr.El­li­son,speakingatthean­nu­al­con­ven­tionoftheMus­limAmer­i­can So­ci­ety and the Is­lamic Cir­cle of North Amer­ica, said that Mus­lims can help teach Amer­ica about jus­tice an­d­e­qual­pro­tec­tion.“Mus­lims,you’re up­to­ba­tright­now,”he­said.“Howdo you know that you were not brought righthere­toth­is­place­tolearn­howto make this world bet­ter?”

The­con­ven­tion,whichend­edDec. 25, drew more than 3,000 Mus­lims fro­macross­the­coun­try­fortheevent aimed at re­vival and re­form. Mr. El­li­son, who con­verted to Is­lam dur­ing col­lege, made his re­marks at the Hy­at­tRe­gency,the­si­te­ofthe­five-day con­ven­tion.

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