We must not ig­nore threat from Iran

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - Derel Schrock Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colum­nist Mark Steyn has a new book out, “The End of the World As We Know It,” which ex­trap­o­lates from cur­rent events some very provoca­tive, thought­ful, and for me, scar­i­fy­ing an­domi­nousideasabout­the­n­ear­future.Inex­cerpts I have read, he fore­tells that the Arab-Is­lam­icpop­u­la­tion­growthand­mi­gra­tiontow­est­ern coun­tries will sooner rather than later swamp the in­dige­nous pop­u­la­tions and make over their gov­ern­ments and cul­tures in the Is­lamic im­age. This may be some­what ex­ag­ger­ated, but the West needs this wake-up call.

Thisout­come­could­take­pla­ceinthe­cli­mate ofthep­as­siv­ityandin­dif­fer­encethat­per­me­ates most west­ern so­ci­eties to­day.

The in­evitable out­come will be that Iran will be­come nu­clear-armed and could threaten the en­tire Mid­dle East but par­tic­u­larly Is­rael. Will our own naysay­ers and paci­fists still be there to pro­tect Is­rael, or will we give in to the clamor to ap­pease Iran, Syria, and the Pales­tini­ans in or­der to ex­pe­dite “peace (in our time)” in Iraq? Theap­peasers­may­gob­yava­ri­ety­of­names,but ap­pease­ment by any name smells just as bad. Just the un­fund­ing of the Iraq war by the Democratswould­be­theturn­ing­point,jus­t­a­sit­was in Viet­nam. Will they ever learn?

Onething­stand­soutinthis­gloom-and-doom, but no less cred­i­ble, sce­nario is that the Is­raelis willquicklyassess­the­si­t­u­a­tion(es­pe­cial­lyifthe U.S.drop­sout)and­peremp­to­rilystrikeIran­with al­mostev­ery­thingth­ey­have­be­foreIran­can­de­ploynukes. Dis­tances­be­ing­whatthe­yareinthe re­gion, there would be no time for an “early warn­ing” of in­com­ing mis­siles.

The lib­er­als are fond of re­gard­ing them­selves as “re­al­is­tic” in for­eign re­la­tions, es­pe­ciallyaswear­e­safeacross­theo­ceans­fro­mour en­e­mies,andthey­think­thattheter­ror­ist­threat on our soil can be lightly re­garded. It is the Is­raelis who prac­ti­cally in­vented the term “re­al­ist”as­they­havedai­ly­facedthe­re­al­i­ty­of­pos­si­ble sud­den, cat­a­strophic strikes on their na­tion­fordecades.With­them,it'sal­ways­been a mat­ter of life-or-death. But they are smart enoughtorec­og­nizethe“real”threatofthean­nounced in­ten­tions of Iran to­ward Is­rael. It is the rest of the world that re­fuses to take the threat se­ri­ously. At this time, the U.S. does, but that sense of ur­gency will fade within a few months of the new ad­min­is­tra­tion. We’ll have be­come a has-been pa­per tiger that oth­ers may dis­miss with im­punity.

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