Dan­ger­ous threat

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Our pa­tri­otic and coura­geous fore­fa­thers de­clared our in­de­pen­dence and then en­dured eight years (1775-1783) of war with a death count from all war-re­lated causes near 30,000, anex­treme­ly­high­per­cent­a­ge­ofthe­p­op­u­la­tion at that time. To form our gov­ern­ment — writin­gan­dadoptin­gourCon­sti­tu­tion,an­d­elect­ing our­first­pres­i­den­tandCongress—re­quiredan­oth­er­sixyears(1783-1789).Yet­to­day­many­ex­pect fi­nal re­sults in Iraq in a few years un­der much greater dif­fi­culty.

WithourCivilWar(1861-1865),the­most­se­ri­ous cri­sis in our his­tory, our na­tion lost more than 600,000 brave pa­tri­ots to pre­serve our union.This­death­tollex­ceed­s­theto­tal­lossesto date­by­our­na­tion­i­nal­lour­warscom­bined.In the 21st Cen­tury, the wars to end all wars (World War I and World War II) re­sulted in the loss of mil­lions of lives by Al­lied forces, with 525,000 be­ing Amer­i­can he­roes. Most WWII his­to­ri­ans agree this war may have been avoide­dorthedestruc­tion­lim­it­ed­with­au­nited show of strength by the free world in the 1930s again­stGer­manandJa­pane­se­ex­pan­sion­is­min­stead­of­fol­lowinganap­pease­ment­pol­icy.Also, it is prob­a­bly true that if the pow­er­ful, elite, bi­ased news me­dia of to­day had been in op­er­a­tion through­out our his­tory, to­day our na­tion would­bepartoftheBri­tish­com­mon­wealth,or two in­de­pen­dent coun­tries, or un­der Ger­man or Ja­panese con­trol along with most other na­tions of the world.

Now the free world faces the most se­ri­ous, in­sid­i­ous and un­civ­i­lized evil ever known to man.The­ex­tremeIs­lam­icter­ror­ist­group­sare at­tempt­ing to gain con­trol of the Mid­dle East, an­ni­hi­late Is­rael, de­stroy the free world econ­omy and spread their ter­ror around the world. We must stand up and de­feat this evil now be­fore­they­ob­tainatomicweapon­sandthe­world faces a nu­clear holo­caust.

If we fail to de­fend our free­dom, the sac­ri­fices of our fore­fa­thers to cre­ate and main­tain afreedemo­crat­ic­na­tion­will­have­been­in­vain. John B. Lon­ge­necker Austin, Texas

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