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“Ethics in pol­i­tics is not the same as ethics in real life,” Wall Street Jour­nal­colum­nistDanielHen­ninger writes.

“Ethics in pol­i­tics is a mar­tial art. The­biggest­mis­takey­ou­can­makeis think­ingth­attheethic­spack­age­pro­posed by new Speaker Nancy Pelosi is­mainlyabout‘clean­ingup’pol­i­tics. Maybe.Bu­tit’sfirsto­fal­labout­clean­ing the clocks of the Repub­li­cans,” Mr. Hen­ninger said.

“The House Repub­li­cans got lazy. Jack Abramoff, Tom De­Lay, ear­marks,DukeCun­ning­ham,BobNey. When Nancy Pelosi saw the Repub­li­can­shad­de­vel­ope­da­com­pul­sionto fla­grant­lythrowtheir­weightaround, she grabbed them by the lapels of their Hickey Free­man suits, hoisted them­intotheairand­slammedthem onto the House floor, shriek­ing ‘the most cor­rupt Congress in his­tory!’ That’s right. In his­tory.

“Ms. Pelosi started the long road to earn­ing a black belt in po­lit­i­cal ethics(again,not­to­be­con­fused­with ethics as taught at, say, Aquinas Col­lege) back in 1987 by study­ing the Mas­ter — Newt Gin­grich. That was the year Nancy Pelosi en­tered the House as a Cal­i­for­nia fresh­per­son. And that was the year Newt Gin­grich turned ethics into a weapon against the im­pe­ri­ous Demo­cratic House Speaker Jim Wright, who left in dis­grace two years later. ‘We cur- rently have the least eth­i­cal speaker in the 20th cen­tury,’ said Grand­mas­ter Gin­grich. Nancy no­ticed.”

Thecolum­nistadded:“Ex­ploit­ing this gain, Speaker Pelosi is break­ing a cham­pagne vic­tory bot­tle over the hull of a new set of House ethics rules. If you stare at th­ese rules awhile, even­tu­ally you no­tice that they are less about the mem­bers of Congress than about They are about the bad peo­ple who lead the in­no­cent lambs of Congress astray.The­yare­about‘lob­by­ists’and ‘pri­vatein­ter­ests’and,notleast,‘cor­po­rate jets,’ which for the mod­ern mem­berofCon­gres­s­ap­pearto­bethe rough equiv­a­lent of de­mon rum.”

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