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The Democrats prom­ise a new di­rec­tion for Amer­ica. Let us re­view the cur­rent facts, and ask: Where will a “new di­rec­tion” take us?

The stock mar­ket is at a new all-time high and Amer­ica’s 401(k)s. Un­em­ploy­ment is at a 25-year low. Taxes are at 20year lows. Fed­eral tax rev­enues are at all­time highs. The fed­eral deficit is down al­most 50 per­cent, just as pre­dicted, from last year. Home val­u­a­tions are up 200 per­cent over the past 3.5 years. In­fla­tion is in check, hov­er­ing at 20-year lows.

Not a sin­gle ter­ror­ist at­tack has hap­pened on U.S. soil since 9/11. Osama bin Laden is liv­ing un­der a rock in a dark cave, if he’s alive at all, while most of al Queda’s top dogs are ei­ther dead or in cus­tody, co­op­er­at­ing with U.S. intelligence. Sev­eral ma­jor ter­ror­ist at­tacks have been thwarted by U.S. and Bri­tish intelligence. Just as Pres­i­dent Bush told us on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions, Iraq was made “ground zero” for the war on ter­ror­ism, and just as Pres­i­dent Bush said they would, ter­ror­ist cells from all over the re­gion are ar­riv­ing from the shad­ows of their hid­ing places and flood­ing into Iraq in or­der to get their faces blown off by U.S. Marines rather than board­ing planes and head­ing to the United States to wage war on us here.

Now if the Democrats do take us in a "new di­rec­tion, we can ex­pect the econ­omy to go south, il­le­gals to go north, taxes to go up, em­ploy­ment to go down, ter­ror­ism to come here, tax breaks to go out, So­cial Se­cu­rity to go away, health care to go the same way gas prices have gone. Ra­mon E. Schaller Box­ford, Mas­sachusetts

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