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“So what hap­pened to the story about Nancy Pelosi ex­empt­ing Amer­i­can Samoa from the min­i­mum wage be­cause it ben­e­fits com­pa­nies in her dis­trict?” ra­dio talk-show host Neal Boortz asks at his blog site,

“Here we have a juicy lit­tle story af­fect­ing the Speaker of the House, and the me­dia has cho­sen to look the other way. Imag­ine if this had been Newt Gin­grich or Den­nis Hastert. Would the press be so kind? Nope [. . .] but hey, this is a Demo­crat [. . .] the big cheese, the head hon­cho. She gets a pass. Maybe it’s be­cause Dems plan to re­vise the bill to in­clude Amer­i­can Samoa and cover the speaker’s be­hind,” Mr. Boortz said.

“Never mind the hypocrisy of it all. Democrats stand up there and tell us that you can’t raise a fam­ily on $5.15 an hour, that it needs to be raised to $7.25. Ev­i­dently you can raise a fam­ily on $7.25 an hour, even if it is phased in over two years. But when it comes to Amer­i­can Samoa, that’s dif­fer­ent. And as long as the Del Monte Cor­po­ra­tion, through its Star Kist sub­sidiary, is load­ing you up with cam­paign cash [. . .] then well [. . .] maybe you can raise a fam­ily on $5.15 an hour. At least if you live in Amer­i­can Samoa.

“So the story will wither on the vine, thanks to me­dia bias. Can you imag­ine if Tom De­Lay were do­ing this? It would still be front-page news. But Nancy Pelosi is a Demo­crat, and Democrats are pro­tected by the me­dia. You should know that by now.”

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