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“[A]s Dr. Meg Meeker writes in her re­cent book ‘Strong Fa­thers, Strong Daugh­ters,’ pop cul­ture isn’t ex­actly over­flow­ing with mes­sages en­cour­ag­ing men to be manly and to take pride in know­ing they have some­thing their fam­i­lies need. [. . .]

“In a cul­ture of TV shows and movies in which a man with any sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity to his fam­ily is fre­quently por­trayed as a doo­fus mar­ried to a per­fect, al­beit nag­ging wife [. . .] or a hero who can only be a hero to the world out­side his fam­ily [. . .] [Sylvester Stal­lone’s] ‘Rocky’ movies present an all-around win­ner. He pushes him­self and the ones he loves to be the best they can be.”

Kathryn Jean Lopez, writ­ing on “It Takes a Man,” Fri­day in Na­tional Re­view On­line at­tion­al­re­

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