‘Piti­ful’ re­venge

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“It’s a pinch-my­self day when the lead news story is about re­crim­i­na­tions and re­grets that Sad­dam Hus­sein, a man who in­car­nates evil, was not treated more de­cently at his be­lated hang­ing. And the edi­to­rial hand-wring­ing is that this was re­venge not jus­tice. As though be­ing nice to some­one who put hu­man be­ings in plas­tic shred­ders — head first — and boiled even his rel­a­tives in oil, would make us more civ­i­lized rather than less.

“Re­venge is jus­tice. Sad­dam should have been drawn and quar­tered. The best thing about his ex­e­cu­tion was the pres­ence of Shi’a Mus­lims taunt­ing him with the me­mory of one of his Shi’a vic­tims. The shame­less left and shame­less lib­er­als who would have kept this mon­ster in power and are now shed­ding tears over the fact that he was killed should have the de­cency to let the Iraqis have their mo­ment of re­venge, piti­ful as it is, com­pared to the crimes this mon­ster com­mit­ted.”

David Horowitz, writ­ing on “Re­venge Is Jus­tice,” Jan. 3 in Front­Page at www.front­pagemag.com

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