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On Jan. 24 I saw Terry McAuliffe on Fox NewsChan­nel­push­inghis­new­book.In­his­in­ter­view he stated that if Pres­i­dent Bush wants more money for the war in Iraq “we need to see re­sults.”

The­lib­er­al­shaven­ev­er­madea­pointof­see­in­gre­sultswhen­it­comesto­sup­port­ingth­ep­ub­lice­d­u­ca­tion­sys­tem.Atru­ly­fail­ingsys­temgets the­lib­er­al­heart­stop­umpin­gout­bil­lion­s­more in­fundin­gas­they­at­tempt­toshow­sup­port “for the chil­dren.” Never mind that the sys­tem is a proven fail­ure. They would never com­pare it with­fund­ing­forIraq,where­ad­ef­i­nite­goa­land mis­sion has been es­tab­lished. The ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem is not a life and death sit­u­a­tion, but the war on ter­ror is and it is not go­ing away.

It ap­pears that the deaths and/or ar­rests of ter­ror­ists are not the re­sult that Mr. McAuliffe and his lib­eral al­lies clas­sify as “re­sults.” I re­al­ly­havenoideawha­tre­sultswouldleadthe lib­er­als to give ku­dos to our war on ter­ror but I can only imag­ine that, to them, re­sults would only be mea­sured if this war wasn’t be­ing led by Pres­i­dent Bush.

Amer­ica should truly be grate­ful that the man, Pres­i­dent Bush, lead­ing this charge to se­cure our safety at home, does not bend to what the polls say or by the anti-war rhetoric spun by Mr.McAuliffe and the lib­er­als. This war on ter­ror is in the best in­ter­est of this coun­try. Thank God that Pres­i­dent Bush un­der­stands and is act­ing, to the ben­e­fit of this na­tion and the world, on the world­wide threat that mil­i­tant Is­lam poses. Dave Dahlke Port Or­chard, Wash­ing­ton

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