Gun-free zones

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The tragedy at Vir­ginia Tech ex­posed the stu­pid­ity of the “gun-free zone.” The proper term is, “You are en­ter­ing a de­fense­less zone.” Here is my so­lu­tion. On ev­ery cam­pus, have vol­un­teers from a guardian unit. This unit will have con­cealed carry per­mits and be trained in gun skills, em­pha­siz­ing class­room and en­try­way de­fense. They would be sworn to de­fend their stu­dents above their own lives. Let the motto be, “This cam­pus is pro­tected by guardians.”

I can­not tell you how I feel for the loss of so many of our most promis­ing peo­ple. But I do know the rule of nines. In 99 per­cent of all crimes com­mit­ted, the po­lice ar­rive af­ter the fact. You are al­ready dead, robbed, raped, or mugged. The best de­fense against crime is the armed cit­i­zen. Bart S. Bon­ner Water­town, New York

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